Only A Memory

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"You have a son. He's five years old, his name is Zyler, and he's been waiting outside the school all day for you! How can you not remember your own son?"

Creed glanced down at his hands. How could he forget? How could he wander off like that and forget the past five years of his sons life as if it had been a passing moment?

"I'm no father..." he murmured, succumbing to the painful stab the words delivered. It was true. What kind of father was he to forget his own son?

He bit his lower lip hard, feeling blood well up beneath his teeth in place of the tears he was fighting back. He dropped his head into his hands and screwed his eyes shut.

"Why can't I remember? What's wrong with me!" He shouted, gripping his head tight for a long moment, then dropping his shoulders in defeat. He bit back more tears until a numb knot formed in his throat. For several long minutes he simply sat there and stared blankly at the ground, slowly becoming numb.

"I'm no father. I'm no husband..." he murmured, lifting his head as he glanced morosely around the small cell. He'd been here for who knew how long. The beginning of time it seemed to him. He didn't even know where here was anymore, just that here was cold, sterile, and that the door was locked.

Whatever form of punishment this is, I deserve it, he thought as he dropped his hands back into his lap and sank back against the cold wall. He'd failed his family and probably wandered off again without thinking. He deserved to be locked up, to be forced to think back and grasp for his quickly escaping memories.

Leaning his head back he closed his eyes and just burst out sobbing. He loosely wrapped his arms around himself against the cold, wailing like a child.

"I'm sorry...I-I...I'm sorry," he cried, the knot in his throat moving to choke off his words as he gasped for breath amidst the hot tears streaking his face. For a moment there was a sort of release as the knot began to loosen into a flood of tears, but with more tears cams more pain and he found himself unable to stop, crying for some form of forgiveness he didn't think was possible anymore.

"I-I failed you..." he whimpered through his shaky breaths. "I-I'm Sorry...p-please—"

He cut himself off as he dropped his head forward again, biting back down hard on his lower lip. He couldn't beg her forgiveness. He didn't deserve it. He had failed. He didn't deserve to be a father or a husband.

His numb gaze trailed back to the floor, tears now streaking unfelt down his face. He stared at the empty floor for a moment before closing his eyes.

"—p-please...forget me..."

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