Chapter 10: Can You Keep a Secret?

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I apologize in advance for my pun

The white of your eyes aren't white; they're red, and arteries run across them

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The white of your eyes aren't white; they're red, and arteries run across them. The most terrifying thing about that? You can see the little veins pulse in your eyes, and it hurts like hell. Your pupils are purple; cold tears brim your lids and fall down your face— you get chills as they slowly make their way down your face.

Your face is decorated with veins and arteries and you can see them move as your blood runs through them, like your eyes' very own arteries. Your face is flushed and moist as sweat begins to make an appearance.

You stare at your reflection in shock.

That girl looking back at you... it's not you, is it??

Your hands begin to tremble and your palms begin to sweat as you continue to look at... you. Eventually, you look back up at the...


Seven boys who are returning the same gaze as you. The eight of you are both awestruck and shocked and your dropped jaws only solidify that fact along with the terrified swears sneaking their way out of the boys' mouths.

You sigh.

"What... am I?" You question as you switch your gaze back down to your phone, marveling at your new self.

"That doesn't last forever," a tall, lean man informs you.

Thank god.

"Oh my god," another boy gasps, "is she gonna hate us becau—" He's interrupted by Jin, who secretly stomps on his foot; however, you don't fail to notice the 'secret' action. "I'm not sure."

He knows everything, but he doesn't want to let everybody but Yoongi and Jimin know that. As far as everybody's concerned (with the exception of you), you're now a vampire who's related to their empire's rival.

"Guys," you awkwardly twitch, "do me a favor and stop breathing so loud."

"Oh, you'll get used to that, princess," Jimin chuckles along with two other boys.

Oh, lord.

"What are your guys' names?" You ask and instantly get a response from Jin, "We wont let you know that yet."

That's stupid. You know Jin, Jimin, Yoongi, and.. No, that's it. Just them. There's four other boys that you absolutely can't know?

"She makes a good point, Jin," one of the taller boys states.

Apparently, you said that out loud.

"Ugh, fine. Jungkook, Hoseok, Taehyung, Namjoon." You look at where his fingers point to as it suddenly sets off a smile on each of the boys' face. They all stand up and they all look like skyscrapers to you.

But that's just you, because you're short.

The tallest, Namjoon, allows dimples to make an appearance as he flashes his own bright smile and the second tallest boy, Jungkook, hardly even smiles.

He's smirking.

Th-th-they're all so handsome. Oh my god.

Is this a trait for all vampires?? Are they all supposed to look good??

Hoseok's smile is insanely bright— you almost pulled out your sunglasses. You have to stop yourself from swooning over the next boy.

This is Taehyung and he's a god.

He's a large and boxy smile and his large hands flail about as he waves them to you. He's cute, you think to yourself as you unknowingly giggle.

"So... is it bad that I know you're vampires or something?" You ask, and as soon as the question leaves your mouth, Namjoon's smile turns into a scowl. "Why do you know?"

"Your friend here," you point to Jimin, "went bat-shit crazy last night and tried to suck my blood, so I jumped out of the window only to get bitten by Yoongi, so fuck both of you guys," you use both of your fingers to flip the two boys on the opposite sides of the room off, "and boy, oh boy, I wish I could grow another hand for you, Jin. You take me out on a date and make out with another girl on that date. You're such an ass. You're lucky I haven't beat your pathetic ass up yet."

"I'll do it for you," Namjoon responds as he brings his middle finger up and directs it towards Jin. "You see? Even your own brother agrees with me."

You sniffle.

"You guys smell bad too. I'm going."

You leave the room and bump into an old lady, who looks up at you and screams, before you're pulled back inside by Jungkook.

Well, at least he tries. He gets there, but he has to make an effort because you're not going down without a fight.

You suddenly let yourself drop into Jungkook's arms, which startles him, then you use your own strength to fly back up and chomp into his arm to—


That tastes good.


You can't possibly be a vampire? Don't they reproduce, you know, the human way??

You look up at Jungkook as you bite him, and he's sweaty and red, and his hair is lifting by the slightest bit.

You can't stop.

"I'm sorry," you whimper as you grab Jungkook's hand and place it on your neck, "I'm stuck."

"You ass," Jimin makes an entrance and yanks you out of Jungkook's arm, letting you fall to the floor, "when a vampire bites another vampire, the bitten vampire is literally incapable of moving, breathing, or blinking."


"I'm a vampire??" You ask, positioning yourself on your knees.

"It's pretty obvious," Jimin sighs, "you enjoyed drinking his blood, right?" You sigh and nod. "I'm only staying with you guys because I need answers to my questions, and you're gonna give them to me whether you like it or not because you are the only people I trust right now, and I can't even trust you guys enough to have a conversation without my pepper spray in my bag."

"Well, it all depends on whether you can keep a secret or not."


"Y/N," Jimin gently places a finger on your chin and lifts your head up to face him, "can you keep a secret?"

"Who would I possibly tell?"

"Just for starters, you've got your parents and your cousin."

Your cousin?

The only cousin you have had and will ever have? The one that went missing when the both of you were ten? You've no clue what his name is because the two of you were hit by a car, resulting in you forgetting everything you've known before the accident and the absence of your beloved cousin.

"How do you know my cousin?" You bark at Jimin. "Y-you see?! This is why I'm going back with you guys. I ask, you answer. It's a simple process, so we're doing it."

Jimin drags you back into Yoongi's apartment and plops you down on the couch.

"Ask away."

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