Rambling about Emerson Barrett

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So idk what this is but it's written at 3 am with 3+ hours of Morning Light before

I'm gonna ramble about Emerson Barrett a bit but I suggest you don't read this if you haven't watched a lot of interviews and stuff just so it doesn't influence your perception of him later on when you do decide to join this fandom

I feel like Emerson is really insecure when he talks about his art and interests in general. When he speaks he speaks slower and less clear as his answer goes on. He doesn't often say everything he wants to say and when he does you don't always understand the end. Like he knows most people don't have a clue who the people he's talking about are like philosophers and artists and he doesn't want to confuse everyone. He tries to make his answer shorter as he goes along and starts mumbling.

I have a shittone more to say but I can't words because I'm so tired and just idk????

But I do think he's insecure

Ifjdhdhjjsjfiejjw this is why I don't write. I can't get the right words out and it's all just nonsense and I hate it but yOu goTTa dEa wItH iT, rIgHt??

Btw Morning Light. Morning. Light. At first I listened to it ironically because Remington's voice is so high and everything. But now I really really really like it

I need help with wordsssssss

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