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I'll be back he said

Okay I nodded

He got out closing the door he walked up to these boys as they started talking. I grabbed his phone taking pictures off snapchat. I smiled getting on Instagram. I looked at all the pictures he took of me reading the comments. Some of them was good and some was just bitches hating .

Come on he said opening my door

I got out stretching he grabbed my waist taking his phone from.me

No i want it back I wined

No Harley he said

I snatched away from him folding my arms across my chest. He shook his head giving me his phone back he sat on the hood of his car as i stood between his legs. I got on snap chat recording a video. His freinds shook thier head while some eye rapped me.


I laid on Dorian bed waiting for him to come back . he dropped me off with magic. I tried to convince him to let me.go but he claimed he didn't want anything to happen to me or whatever

I got up taking off my clothes. I grabbed my towel heading towards his shower. I stepped in turning on the hot water he had one of them showers where the shower thing can come off. Once I got done I wrapped the towel tight around me going to his room I dried off putting on my love pink under wear and Bra set. I slipped on one of his shirts putting on my socks.

I went in the living room as him and his friends walked in. I can tell he was high. I shook my head walking to the kitchen. I made Me a sandwich as he walked in sitting on the island.

Can i have some he asked

I helped it up to his mouth as he took a bite. He licked his lips as he hopped off the counter going back with his freinds. They didn't stay long. Once they left he took a shower then we ordered coney island. I had a coney dog with some cheese fries. And Dorian just had some regular fries.

Once the food came I ate my food drinking some of my water. I had to brush my teeth after because something was stuck on my brackets.

Dorian I smiled laying in his lap

Wassup baby girl he said

When are you moving I pouted

Uh next week he said playing in my hair..

I don't want you to go I'm go miss you I pouted

I'll still come see you he smiled

Okay fine I mumbled

Let's go to the mall he said

I.didn't bring my money I said

Don't worry about all that when you with me he smirked

I nodded my head going to the back to slip on some clothes.

Dorian. Stop I wined as he picked up. Some more clothes

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