38) 'Go Make Him Happy' And Other Advice Benjamin May Or May Not Have Taken...

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38) 'Go Make Him Happy' And Other Advice Benjamin May Or May Not Have Taken Too Literally 

Besides awkward Christmas dinners and getting traumas from walking too close by neighbors setting off fireworks—they certainly had the biggest, most expensive rockets, which had Eleanor grumbling and slapping the back of her husband's head—it was possible surviving December without Thijmen. Benjamin would admit to sending him about a thousand messages, but...

Okay, he did.

He received pictures in return, so that was nice. Even if Thijmen himself was rarely in them. Now he knew what his family looked like and they were just as tall and intimidating as him. He hoped he'd never have to meet them.

Just when he thought he'd go crazy, Thijmen said he was coming back, so Benjamin's parents sent Isaac the driver to pick him up from the airport and Ben threw a tiny party for himself.

For a few minutes, he sat on the windowsill to stare at the corner of the street, waiting for the car to appear, but then he realized it took about an hour to get to the airport and back.


Reluctantly, he slid off and trudged over to his mother, who told him to classify her collection of candy wrappers, which turned out to be quite an effective way to kill time. Before he knew it, he heard sounds in the hall.

Thijmen was back.

Ben was very proud of himself for not running over at first, but the moment he saw his boyfriend, he couldn't resist walking a little faster with a smile on his face, but it matched Thijmen's. So he wasn't the only one happy to see him, at least.

He didn't remember his lips tasting this good.

He also forgot that his parents were around.

"I don't think we're needed for this welcome home committee," said Eleanor.

And then they were gone. Poof. Not even the let's-go-to-the-room-don't-look-at-that-Eleanor-it's-gay kind of gone. Gone as in, going to their rooms, dressing up with some heap of clothes lying next to their bed, putting up a coat, fleeing. The last time this had happened, the squad was home and Heston kept screaming and instead of telling them to shut up like authoritarian figures they went for ice cream.

Benjamin figured it was probably best not to comment on it and simply take the opportunity, so he slid his hand into Thijmen's and pulled him along.

"How was it?"

He didn't forget the promise he'd made. He'd be a more attentive boyfriend.

"It was good."

"Did you, uh... have fun?"


But it wasn't like Thijmen was working along very well. "Are you hungry?"



"No. Ben? What the hell?"

"What?" he asked, feigning ignorance. "I'm just... being a good boyfriend."

Thijmen stared for a moment. "You know what would make you a good boyfriend?"


"Inviting me into your bedroom."

"Oh. I mean... yeah, that... Okay. Are you sleepy?"

Thijmen sighed.

"You look kinda tired."

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