Happy Birthday Pip! You're A Witch!

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"I'm Phoebe's son. I'm sure you remember my father..Clay Muniz."

Piper's jaw drops when the name flows through ears. She should've realized that when he had also identified himself as a Muniz.

Halliwell Manor - Front Door

The memory of Clay and Phoebe's relationship was discreet but Piper did remember having to go up against that Urn lady and almost dying because of it.

"Why don't you come in, Pip. I'll call your mother and we'll get this straightened out." Piper says, inviting Pip in.

"Thanks, Aunt Piper." Pip says, causing Piper to halt but keep walking.

"Who was at the door?" Leo Wyatt asks, bounding the stairs.

"Leo, do you remember when Prue, Phoebe and I went up against that Egyptian Urn lady."

"Is she back?"

"No..no..well I hope not. Anyway, remember the innocent..Clay Muniz?" Piper asks her husband.

"Vaguely..didn't he and Phoebe have like—a thing?" Leo asks.

"Yeah, well, meet your nephew..Pip. He is Phoebe and Clay's son."

Leo looks at Pip in shock. "Leo, what is it?" Piper asks.

"Uhm—nothing." He says to Piper. "Its nothing, really." He turns and says to Pip, who looks at him peculiarly.

"Leo..?" Piper asks. Leo pulls Piper aside, and out of Pip's hearing distance. "Leo, what's wrong?"

"Pip is blessed."

"What?" Piper asks, confused.

"There was a prophecy I'd heard about in my early white-lighter days. It told of a boy, born from the scorned love of a witch and a mortal. He would be chosen to protect the world from evil. I believe Pip is that boy. I know he is, I can feel it."

"Are you sure? He probably doesn't even know that magic exists." Piper says.

"I'm positive." Leo says.

"I'll call Phoebe and get her over here. I can't wait to see how she's gonna explain this." Piper muses.

Halliwell Manor - Living Room, Mid-Afternoon

The door opens and in walks Phoebe Halliwell. She doesn't look any different except the fact that her hair is darker, almost a pure black now, similar to the color of her oldest sister, Prue's, hair had been before she died. "Piper! You can't just yank me away from the Mirror, now that I'm the boss." After Elise Rothman had decided to leave the Bay Mirror and focus on romance, Phoebe had gladly taken the position as editor-in-chief. Though she'd been quickly bumped to owner of the newspaper altogether when a scandal involving the previous owner occurred. It was the support of her co-workers that got her the election to owner.

Phoebe rounds the corner and enters the living room. "Piper?" She takes in the boy sitting on the couch. "Who's this? Is there a demon we have to vanquish? I thought we were done with that."

"Phoebe! This is your son...you know the one you had with Clay.." Piper says.

Phoebe looks to the young teen. He looked so much like her own self, when she was younger. She couldn't even begin to believe that he was sitting in front of her. She should've guessed that this was coming at some point. "Pip?"

"Hi Mom...how's it going?" Pip greets his mother. He stands up and slowly engulfs her in a hug. She returns it but she's also hit with a premonition.

A page turns in the Book of Shadows, 'Dominus Trinus', the same spell Phoebe used to give her sisters and herself their powers. It changes to some creature, suddenly opening their eyes. The premonition ends immediately.

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