Happy Birthday Pip! You're A Witch!

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Birthday - Katy Perry (Aerial shots of New York City; after first prelude)

First Prelude: Lincoln Medical Center, The Bronx, New York City - March 5, 1998

Night had fallen over Lincoln Medical Center. From the outside, everything was quiet and peaceful; but on the seventh floor, only the loud screams of labor could be heard.

Room 317B, Seventh Floor

A young woman with short brown hair lay sprawled out on the bed and bearing pain as she pushed as much as possible to rid her body of a smaller being. She didn't know why she even let it happen, it was the heat of the moment that she let it go this far.

"Push, Ms. Halliwell, it's half-way out." A female doctor said.

"I'm trying! Oh Clay, you suck, you suck, you suck!" She screamed in agony.

"Come on Phoebe, you've got this." Clay said, trying to help Phoebe get the baby out.

"Almost there, Ms. Halliwell. One more big push and it'll be all over." The same doctor said.

Phoebe stopped pushing to take a breath and gave one more push, a big one and she felt the baby leave her body.

"It's out! Very good, Ms. Halliwell!" The doctor handed the baby to her assistant nurse, who took the baby to clean it up.

"You did it, Phoebe." Clay said, from where was sitting beside her. Phoebe didn't respond since she was trying to catch her breath, so she only nodded and smiled.

"Congratulations Mr. Muniz and Ms. Halliwell, it's a boy!" The doctor said, coming back with the baby.

"I have a son!" Clay said, happily.

"Can I hold him?" Phoebe asked.

The doctor nodded and handed the newborn to Phoebe. The baby was swaddled in a light blue blanket. His eyes were open and scanning his surroundings, looking for the people who brought him into the world.

"Hi baby!" Phoebe said, smiling at her son as tears started to slide down her face. The baby looked up into his mother's eyes and he made a cooing noise. "Would you like to hold him?" She asked, looking over to bring Clay into view.

"Yes." Phoebe handed the baby over to Clay, who looked like he was about to break down in joyous emotion. "Hello my son, you are so beautiful. Just like your mother." Clay said and looked up at Phoebe, who smiled back. "I can't believe I'm actually holding you."

"Excuse me, Mr. Muniz and Ms. Halliwell. I hate to interrupt this celebration, but I need a name for his birth certificate." The doctor that delivered the baby, said.

"Oh." Phoebe looked to Clay. "Well, I was thinking..Pyper Clayton Muniz-Halliwell. Pip for short." Phoebe smiled at Clay, telling him that she'd made up her mind and wasn't changing it.

"I love it." Clay says.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City: March 5, 2015 - Present Day

"Dad, I'm gonna be fine. As soon as I get off the plane, I'll hail a cab and go straight to the Manor." Pyper Clayton Muniz-Halliwell says. Pip is seventeen now with dark chestnut hair and strong cheekbones. His amber eyes beam into his father's baby blues.

"I know Pip. It's just gonna be different without you around." Clay Muniz says. The years had been kind to him and he appears to have grown quite marvelously. He still has his handsome face and his athletic build. He is now forty-six.

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