It's Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chapter Filler (short)Run away now this is crappy even more so than my other crappy stories.


Y/n's POV

It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why me? Why me God? Why do you torture me? What have I done wrong? Im surrounded by mainly hot guys.I would be able to ignore it but I on my motherfucking period!!!!!!!!!!! And my hormones for some reason are worse than usual. So I am isolating myself so none of the hot people are scarred or................. nevermind. So I'm in my room watching movies, reading fanfics, looking at pictures. All of these include hot guys doing anything and everything to not hurt people and to keep yourself under wraps. When I all of a sudden hear a urgent knock. I go to the door and open it to see every guy there at my door.

Author's POV


Dont do it Y/n keep it together.  You tell yourself. "Y-yes" you say holding onto whatever you can. They all look at you confused but relieved. " You ok?" "Yes if that is all bye now. " You say as you also feel your cheeks heat up as you try to close the door. "You sure?" Asks Steve. " God damnit Steve of course I'm sure now go away for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!" Steve looked a little taken back. "Damn who pissed in your cereal?" Tony said snarkily cuz he is Tony. "Go away." "We came to make sure you're okay but you want us gone. Wow, you know what whatever." Tony says with his normal sass " Are you sure doll?Your face is red. You look like you are sick." He said feeling your cheeks and forehead making your cheeks even redder. "Yes I am fine Buck." " Wait a cheeks.....could be blush. Staying in room. Trying to rush us out. Extra comfy clothes...... her period clothes.OH!!!!!!! oh...................!!!!" Tony mumbled to him self until a huge smirk then appears on his face. He leans in and says "So Y/n cant handle the sexiness? Its okay almost no one can." "What do you mean Tony?" Innocent little Steve asks. Bucky whispered to him what was going on.After that he was blushing and left to not disturb you. Long story all of them were using their powers to annoy you.Your face was redder than a tomato and you rarely ever blushed.That was until you threatened all of them. Then they went away lauging the whole way.

The end


To be Continued...
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