Mist and Moonlight

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I hurried down the path, moonlight streaming through the trees. The wind whispered in my ears, a caress I didn't want to hear. Why had I come? And at night?

'You always loved the starlight,' his voice echoed across the recesses of my mind. I'd loved him, I reminded myself, bits of my heart breaking, splintering.

Hot shards of pain exploded in my chest at the memories his voice conjured. Nights under the stars, running through moonlit paths. His laughter, deep, melodic filled my head. We'd met one night, snow falling around us like crystals glittering in the moonlight. He'd been so full of life, his wide smile winning my heart.

I glanced at my phone, dimly illuminating the darkness around me. Ten 'til twelve. I hurried on. Not far now. The familiar trees, swaying in the late summer breeze. Their leaves rustled, singing to me, but it wasn't the verdant foliage I recalled. Instead, whiffs of spring blossoms filled my memories. Pink petals dancing in shafts of yellow moonbeams as strong arms pulled me close.

I couldn't do this. My feet stumbled as I saw it, the split in the path up ahead. One would lead back, home and safety. The other... I could picture the bridge now, stars twinkling overhead. He dropped to one knee before I'd even known what was happening.

'When you said yes, it was the happiest day of my life.' A hiccup escaped at the tender timbre washing over me. How I missed him!

I could almost hear them again, the heavy footsteps behind us. Shadows chasing through the trees as the shot echoed. Swiping at the tears now streaming down my cheeks, I stumbled on despite fear clawing over me. I hadn't been here since... since losing him. The text message pinged again. I'd ignored it too long. One every night for the past month.

'Meet me at our spot.' It had to be some hoax. Delayed messages. Anything other than what I wanted it to be. But what did I hope for? A miracle? That I hadn't wept every day for weeks over hard packed earth?

I rounded the bend, trees parting as the babble of the stream sounded in my ears. I stumbled over the rough stones, gravel biting into my feet. I blinked. A man stood in the center of bridge... our bridge, his face bathed in the shadows. I shook as I took a step forward, fog rising from the water below. My breath caught as he turned towards me.


"I said I'd love you forever." His voice carried across the space separating us.

"This... this isn't real."

"It's as real as that ring." I looked down at my trembling fingers, the diamond sparkled as it caught a glimpse of the moon above.

"Why did you call me here?"

"To live."

"I love you," I cried. I reached out, but his form blurred. Tears and vapor hiding him, but his voice was still there.

"Live, Starshine. Live."

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