Chapter 37

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"It's okay dear."

Nanna patted her clasped hands as they waited outside the doctor's cabin for their turn. When her nightmares and anxiety didn't subside, Dado and Nanna opted to pay a visit to a psychiatrist.

Her heart was thudding in her chest. Was Safiya turning into a mad girl? Her presence here was only stating that. But what was her fault? She didn't tell her parents to make her perfect, she just needed their love but they wanted to create a specimen of perfection which would be away from any emotion they loathed, in short, a 'machine'.

Safiya turned on her side, her eyes clashing with Daiyan's sleeping form. Another night without any sleep, maybe she was awakened from the last three hours but without any sound because she didn't want to wake her husband.

The dim lights on the balcony were doing their best to peek inside the room but were failing. Looking at Daiyan's features, Safiya felt her cheeks burning with shyness as the moments of some hours ago ran all over again inside her mind.

Her fingertips touched her lips to reminisce once more, how Daiyan's lips felt against her. She never imagined that and so far that it would be initiated by her husband; that boring, unromantic man who hesitated even to say thank you on her face, silenced her with a kiss. There was no need for him to silence her, she was speaking all good and when Daiyan would come to know about it, he would do the same thing.

But he didn't let her speak, forget that- he took every sane thought from her mind with that gesture. Safiya covered her lips and curled some more as she was afraid, her running heartbeats would wake up Daiyan who was sleeping on the other bed beside hers.

She was so glad that Daiyan didn't say anything after their little moment because she was too surprised to speak anything. He had moved inside, patting her head gently and from that time, Safiya's time had gone into remembering that kiss they shared and staring at the ceiling.

It was all new for her, that tiny bursts in her heart when Daiyan pulled her, caging her waist in his hold and his gentle touch as he moved away her fringe from her eyes was enough to acquaint her with new feelings which she had no idea about and after getting known to these serene feelings, Safiya wanted to keep Daiyan to herself. Didn't know why her mind was playing tricks on her but she didn't want to imagine her husband with any other woman now? That idea was creating an anxious ball in her gut, Daiyan holding someone else like this and she had no idea what she would do now!

They had a great age gap between them and it was possible, Daiyan had someone in his life prior to her. He stole her first kiss from her, was it his first too? Daiyan had good looks, money and status and the way with which girls glanced at him, it was no big deal for him to get one for himself. And why all of a sudden she was thinking like a wife? It could be, the faint pink lines that had dotted his cheeks after their intimate moment was the proof of his loyalty towards her. Daiyan had created a mess in her head. Argh! Safiya was getting tired of going back to that moment but sleep was far away from her.

"Still awake little girl."

Daiyan's groggy voice reached her ears and she squinted her eyes to have a look at his face in the dim fairy lights. Safiya gulped on hearing his voice, their moment coming back in her mind causing her gut to churn in an unusual manner.

"I'm asleep, Daiyan Mustufa."

Safiya tried correcting him, her voice wavered at the edge getting overwhelmed with emotions. Very well, was it so necessary to answer him and by the way, she was angry at him.

"Nice, I didn't know you talk in your sleep."

Ugh! She should throw that pillow on his face. But if Daiyan woke up and came towards her? God! She didn't even want to think about it, Safiya had already passed nearly half night in that memory and that was enough for her.

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