Chapter 7

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QOTD: What's your favorite thing in this world?

Neil hardly looked surprised which caused the ache in my chest to tighten

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Neil hardly looked surprised which caused the ache in my chest to tighten. He knew, he knew and didn't do anything to help all the other times he did it. Elijah looked like he was at a loss of words and focused his eyes on the floor. "Do you truly have nothing to say to me?"

"I have Maya. I've told you why."

"I want more than that."

He side glanced Neil before sighing deeply. "I've told you everything before. You were the one who stopped all contact with me."

"What did you expect, Elijah?"


"We're going to get caught." I laughed sitting on his desk. I tilted my head giving him better access to my neck.

"I don't care." He whispered against my skin. I moaned quietly as he marked my skin for all other men to see.

"Wait-" I laughed again and pushed his chest back. He stood up right and looked at me in question. My chest rose and up and down erratically as I bit my lip. "I don't want to do that this time. Can we just talk?"

He ran a hand through his hair and nodded before sitting down on his desk chair. I set my feet in his lap cocked my head slightly. "Are you okay? You seem different."

He waved me off. "It's nothing."

"Tell me." I urged leaning forward. He denied but I bent down and kissed him softly. "Please."

"I love you."

I giggled like a school girl. "I love you too but what's wrong?"

"I love you." He repeated slower. "I actually love you."

I nodded as though it was obvious. "Did you not mean it the other times you said it?"

"No," He uttered softly, "It's just complicated."

"I understand complicated. My whole life is complicated."

"It's a bit more than that."

"Try me."

"Give me your hand." I slid my hand in his palm and smiled. "It's been racking my mind with guilt. I want to tell you so we can be normal."

"Guilt about what?"

"If I show you will you still love me?"

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