The night passed slowly, or maybe it just seemed like that to Jade. She wasn't used to small talk, and she definitely did not agree with Lukas's perspectives on life. Lukas had had a tough life, and Jade could see how that had shaped him.

"I don't believe in the crap people say like 'be selfless' and 'help others', and stuff," Lukas said as they ate. "This entire world revolves around the concept of selfishness. Parents raise children hoping they would take care of them when they're old and useless. Children love parents because they need their protection and money. We become friends with people who can help us one way or the other. We marry the person who can benefit us the most."

"God, this man is crazy," Pixie groaned through the earpiece. "And I was the one who said he seems like a nice guy. I take it back. He's a pain in the ass."

"The world is full of villains," Lukas said as Jade stared down at her food, chewing slowly. "What we need now is heroes. And with my research, we'll soon have some."

"Don't tell me you're trying to go to Krypton and find superman for Earth," Jade teased and Lukas laughed.

"I'll create superman," Lukas said, and Jade looked up at him. "And superwoman too. I'm not sexist. If I succeed, superman won't just a fantasy. Anyone will be able to become superman. Anyone I want, that is."

Lukas grinned and Jade didn't say anything.

"Okay, we've officially reached the psychopathic stage of this mad scientist," Pixie perked up again, apparently annoyed by how much Lukas was talking. "God, never thought I'd say this, but Tyler was right. This man is a nut job. Don't waste your love on him honey, there's plenty of fish in the water."

"Shh!" Jade said before she could stop herself.

"Did you say something?" Lukas asked and Jade shook her head with a smile.

"So, where is it that you do all this experimentation you keep telling me about?" Jade asked nonchalantly, looking down at her food.

"At my super-secret lab; or that's just how people see it," Lukas said meaningfully.

Jade rolled her eyes.

"Aren't you afraid somebody might find it and steal your work to take credit for it?"

"That won't happen," Lukas said confidently. "My lab is as safe as can be. If it was in a city, I'd have paparazzi all over the place. But it's safe out of human eyes so I'm not worried."

"What about the other people who work at the lab?" Jade inquired casually, looking uninterested. "Or do you work alone?"

"Oh, no, there's dozens of scientists," Lukas told her proudly. "But working for me means working only for me."

"What does that mean?"

"When I pick someone to work for me at my lab, they have to go through a rigorous scrutinizing process. And as soon as I appoint them, their contact with the rest of the world breaks off. That's the terms of working for me. No weekends. No holidays. No phones. No emails. Absolutely no contact with the outside world. They try to leave and they die. That's how I do things."

Lukas smiled brightly and Jade didn't say anything. So he and Tyler weren't so different after all. Maybe Lukas is who Tyler learned from in the first place.

No matter how disturbing the fact was that Jade was trapped in a battle between two psychopaths, she had to admit, it was quite interesting. Maybe Jade was crazy. Actually; yeah she sure as hell was crazy. Whatever.

The night droned on and soon Pixie disappeared too. Jade was pretty sure she had fallen asleep. Jade would have done the same thing if she had been in Pixie's place.

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