So We Meet Again (x2)

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"I can't believe you did that!" Damian yelled as we sat on the couch, swapping stories about our childhoods. I was telling him about some of the good times, which mostly involved Jamie. He had had a very interesting childhood down in hell which involved drugs, penguins, and a whole lot of hookers, but each story made me laugh. I had a younger brother and nothing could kill my happiness. 

"What is he doing here?" 

Except him.

"Hello, Jason," Damian said as he popped off the couch with a big grin on his face. I groaned at my brother's peppiness. How could one of the princes of hell be so damn chipper!?

"You did not answer my question, Damian," Jason retorted. I stood up with a forced smile and faced the evil Brit. He looked the same as always with his gelled hair and dark eyes. It was just now, however, that i noticed his fangs, but the new discovery made me smile. He was my follower. 

"Welllllll," Damian started with his dark eyes glowing. "This is my brother, Danger."

Jason gasped and I smiled. 

Oh hell- to the mother fucking- yeah. 

"Hello, Jason," I said with my smile brighter than the flames of the dark side of hell. "How are ya?"

Jason did, said, nothing. Absolutely nothing. "I think he likes you," Damian said to me. I laughed and hugged my little brother into me just as Bailey waltzed into the room. "Baby," he said with a grin and then they were back to making out. I watched them amused until I saw perfection walk into the door. Black, leather pants that hugged his thighs, a black AC/DC shirt cut up in various places, flashing his skin to me, and boots that were unlaced and the metal chains hitting the leather. Fuck, that was sexy perfection. 

"Danger," he whispered as tears fell down his face. "Baby." He was in my arms in the next two seconds, holding me like it was his business. He was shaking so bad in my arms but I loved the fact that i could hold him again. 

"You are in so much trouble with me," I said into his ear, but my voice was nothing but pathetic. It was shaky and uneven because I was over joyed that  I had my sexy perfection in my arms again. Bryce and me were together and we were going to be okay as long as we stayed. 

"I-I didn't m-mean to l-l-lie," he sobbed. I nodded against his neck, understanding what he meant. I would have never believed him if he would have told me he was a fallen angel. I would have taken him down to the precinct and then down to the psych ward. Now that I am dead, however, I can believe about anything, including the fact that i am the devil's son. 

"I love you," he said suddenly. My eyes widened but he took that in a stride and kissed me hard enough to bruise my lips. I groaned and, not caring who the fuck saw, picked him up and threw him on the couch. I came down on him and attacked his mouth as he ripped my jacket right off my back using his nails and nails only.

"Um, can we not fuck on that couch?" Damian asked with a grimace. We ignored him, tearing at each others clothes like animals until Bryce threw his head back with a moan and spotted Jason. Oh, how I fucking hate that British asshole. 

"Jason!" Bryce yelled as he jolted up, pushing me off of him. I scowled at the carpet my face was pressed against before looking up at Bryce who was blushing and trying to hold his clothes together. I may have or may have not ripped them to shreds. 

"Hello, Bryce. I told you this would happen," the British asshole said. Bryce shifted uncomfortably on the couch before looking down at me. He smiled and blew me a kiss while I killed him repeatedly in my head. 

"I hate you," I whispered and he just grinned. 

"Jason, you may have told me he would end up dead, but you did not tell me I was dating royalty! Fuck you, kind sir with you stupid, hot accent and your sexy ass clothes. I have a even sexier guy with a crown and a slight accent when he talks."

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