Part 14: A war of love, who will win Lucy's heart

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~Lucy's p.o.v.~

As I'm walking back to my house I see someone I haven't seen since childhood, my best friend Jack Heartfilia. I sprint over to him and hug him "Jack what are you doing here!?" "I came to let you know that father has passed away" he said sadly I just looked at him, pity filling my heart. I was never really close to Jude but Jack was different this was his father that passed away, he could barely handle Layla dying I wonder how he's doing now. "Oh Jack I'm so sorry" I say and hug him "They buried him next to mother so they could be together" he sniffed and a tear rolling down his face. "Here, let's go inside." I opened my door to invite him in, "I was actually hoping I could also join the guild Onee-Chan joined!" "Don't be so formal and technically I'm not your sister, but thanks" I said lightening the mood. He smiled I set up the bed for another person and we got in, we used to sleep together as children so now it's just habit. Actually we did everything together from sleeping to showering, Jack and I quickly fell asleep we were holding each other for warmth. Jack was my best friend even more than Erza or Laxus, I felt a connection with him!

~Time skip morning: Jack's p.o.v.~

I woke up to see the sleeping beauty that is Lucy, she's my Lucy no one can change that I will make sure of it, if I can't have her no one can. (A/n: Geez Jack yandere much?)

~Lucy's p.o.v.~

Everyone was clapping for Jack... well except for Gray, Natsu, Laxus, Lisanna, Juvia, Erza I brushed it off, Erza walked over to me and grabbed my arm. "Where are you going Onee-Chan?" Jack asked and I shrugged, "I don't know!" I yelled back as I was tugged thru the guild's doors into an alleyway. I was shoved against a wall and Erza's face came into view, "I don't trust him Lucy, what if he's here to hurt you!" "Oh come on Erza, Jack would never hurt me. I am the one that took care of hi-" I was cut off by Erza kissing me.

~Jack's p.o.v.~

After Lucy was tugged out of the guild I slowly followed, 'No one hurts or touches my Onee-Chan!' I thought and started walking to the alleyway where she was taken. I see the position that my Onee-Chan and that scarlet haired knight were in, I get a little angry but then I see something that now makes me resent that red head, she leaned in and kissed my Lucy! What really pissed me off was that Lucy wrapped her arms around this girl! The red head glanced over to me smirked and deepened the kiss, steam was now coming out of my ears. I shot vines out of the ground and grabbed the red head, Lucy looked over at me... pissed off? "What the hell Jack!" "She... you were... you were ok with it!?" "Yes I was ok with it I like her and your keeping her away from me, I'm a big girl don't need you to take care of me Jack!" She storms off to take the vines off the red head but I disband them and she falls to the ground with a crash, and she glares at me. 'I hope Lucy doesn't stay mad at me.'

~Erza's p.o.v.~

While I was strung up in the air I heard Lucy yelling at the new guy "... I'm a big girl don't need you to take care of me Jack!" 'Jack, that's his name' Suddenly I was falling and I glared at Jack, "You better leave my Onee-Chan alone you you slut!" Jack yelled at me, I bounded over to him but before I could hit him Lucy got to him first and slapped him in the face I stopped and stared shocked as blood drips down the scratch marks she made. "Don't call her that! I am not your sibling! I don't even think I can trust you anymore! Just go Jack, come on Erza I'll heal you!" Lucy walked over to me and healed my wounds from falling I thanked her and we walked into the guild. As soon as we did four people came over to us "Hey Lucy wanna go on a job?" all four said at once, the four were Natsu, Lisanna, Jack, and Laxus. All of us glared at each other except Natsu who was just confused, "Hey I asked first!" Lisanna yelled "No I did!" Laxus yelled back "Guys Guys, calm down. I know how about the six of us go on an S-Class mission! It shouldn't take that long since there are six of us!" Lucy said like she won smartest girl of the year "Six of us?" Natsu asked "Yeah! You, Lisanna, Erza, Laxus, Jack, and me!" "Everyone!?" Laxus said a little ticked off. "Yeah! It will be lots of fun!"Lucy says and Natsu wraps an arm around Lucy's neck "Yeah sis that's a great idea!This will be lots of fun!" Everyone but Natsu and Lucy rolled their eyes.

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