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My name is Harry Potter. I am fifteen. I am broken. How am I broken?

Well, it happened on one fateful day in Gringotts the Wizard Bank, one week after my fifteenth birthday. I was just entering the bank to collect some funds for my Hogwarts list when the goblin asked me if I had received their letter on July 31st. I answered with a negative and he suddenly became majorly pissed off and brought me to its office


"What do you mean you never got the letter?" The goblin all but shouted.

"I never got any letters from Gringotts on my birthday," I answered.

"This is not good. Who knows where that letter is!"

"Why don't you tell me what was in the letter?" I asked, trying to relieve some of his anger.

"The letter said to come to Gringotts so you can claim your lordships and heirships. It also told you of major discrepancies in your vaults," it fumed.


"Yes, Mr Potter, vaults"

"I thought I only had one," I answered, bewildered.

"You have many more than one Mr Potter. You have vault numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 44, 72, 443, 687 and 713"

"What vaults are they?"

"Vault 1 is the Emrys vault. Vault 2 is the Gryffindor vault.  Vault 3 is the Slytherin vault.  Vault 4 is the Ravenclaw vault.  Vault 5 is the Hufflepuff vault.  Vault 6 is the Hogwarts vault. Vault 7 is the Peverell vault. Vault 44 is the Potter main vault. Vault 72 is the Black main vault.  Vault 443 is the Evans vault. Vault 687 is your trust vault and vault 713 is the Flamel vault," it explained.


"I believe that can be answered by an inheritance test," the goblin said, pulling out a parchment. "Cut your finger and let three drops of blood fall onto this parchment."

I did as asked and the blood began to form words.

'Inheritance results for Hadrian Jamison Ignotus Potter

Mother: Lillian Rose Potter (dead)
Father: Jamison Fleamont Potter (dead)

Other family members;
Godfather(s): Sirius Black
                            Severus Snape
                            Lucius Malfoy
Godmother(s): Alice Longbottom (deemed insane)
                               Narcissa Malfoy
Godsibling(s): Neville Longbottom
                             Draco Malfoy
Paternal: Fleamont Henry Potter (dead)
                    Euphemia Potter (dead)  
Maternal: Rosaline Peverell-Black  (dead)  
                    Jakub Evans  (dead)  
Notable Ancestors:
-Merlin Emrys  (dead)  
-Godric Gryffindor (dead)  
-Rowena Ravenclaw (dead)  
-Helga Hufflepuff (dead)  
-Antonich Peverell (dead)  
-Cadmus Peverell (dead)  
-Ignotus Peverell (dead)  
-Nicholas Flamel (dead)



Creature and Magical Inheritances: (blocked - APWBD)

Creature - Dark Veela  
Mate - Vampire

Magical Core Affinity - Dark
Magical Core Level - 745 (highest known) (65% dampener - APWBD)

Legal/Illegal contracts:
-Marriage contract (to Ginevra Weasley) (Illegal)'

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