39 (Unedited): The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region

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The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region

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A flame was fluttering and dancing.

Together with the flame, there were other various things were dancing.

Plants, flowers, houses, and... people in the village too.

The father, mother, younger sister, younger brother and the girl next door who he slightly liked were there too.

Everything altogether were dancing and embracing the flames.

...But, it didn't literally mean like that. (Recheck)

It was supposed to be... he just wanted to take revenge on those people who tormented him.

That was before he fled off as usual... he helped those who wore black robe.

In exchange, those people would help him back.


"Now, your revenge has come true. I overdid it a little bit, but this much is just a small matter. Anyhow, everyone is bearing the same sin. Nevertheless, you really helped me out. By no means, in regard to the lifting of the seal, I also didn't think that I was asked about this from their blood relative." (??)

That voice was heard.

But the boy never turned his eyes toward that voice. He just kept on staring at the front only.

He was staring at his own village which was currently burned down.

"With this, the first thing is done. It is considerably suspicious... Yes? No, I probably should wait a bit before saying that. Do you intend to repeat the same thing again? Otherwise... Aah, it is about that, huh. Yes, it doesn't matter. ...Oh my. Goodness, I thought that it would be difficult, but anyhow, I was worried about it earlier." (??)

The figure with black robe didn't mind about the boy even now. Instead, he just leaked out a sigh.

Nope, he might be didn't care about the boy in the first place.

However, he was talking because it had a necessary purpose.

"Anyway, what I have to do here is over. I'm not sure how long your life will last, but let's pray to the God that you will be able to peacefully spend the rest of the time. Well then, goodbye." (??)

After saying that... those people were gone.

However, the boy didn't even look at them until the end. He just kept watching the scene before him in a daze.

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