36: And They Go on a Journey...

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And They Go on a Journey...

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Going on a Journey

"...Phew." (Sofia)

Sofia let out a sigh as she raised her face from the report at hand.

To briefly put her present feelings in words, it was something like 'What is this all about?' or 'What's with this place?'.

She was thinking that she was bringing troublesome matters back home, but she couldn't blame it, after all.

While thinking about such things, she dropped her gaze to her hand in order to confirm the contents again.

What was written was the incident that happened this time and the explanation regarding the kidnapping of Lina.

Although it wasn't surprising now, because she had already confirmed it once, it was still something that made her unexpectedly sigh.

The reason that the report was expressively written, rather than giving a verbal report, was because there was a high possibility that it became a problem, depending on the situation.

Camilla, who was the writer of this report, brought Lina back home from where the Demons lived.

It was natural to assume the worst-case scenario.

"Well, it seems that it wasn't the worst case, but..." (Sofia)

It was good news, when she knew that the other side didn't wish for war.

However, the written content was merely a substitution, but by no means was it something to rejoice about.

It was assumed that the purpose of the enemies was to resurrect the previous Demon King.

Furthermore, the ones who planned it were very likely by the believers of the heresy.

It wasn't a fabricated matter. In fact, these people truly worshipped heresy.

Wishing for the collapse of the world, they were the real enemy of Mankind in the true sense.

Plus, there was a Demon Heavenly General amongst them.

As for the 4th seat's situation, Sofia would probably overthrow him and let someone else replace him, but... it might be in the worst case, to say the least.

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