35: The Conclusion of the Incident

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The Conclusion of the Incident

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The Conclusion of the Incident

He thought that it was a mess.

He also thought that it was a joke.

The matter of this time was supposed to be perfect.

Together with his talent and those who shared the same idea, the resurrection of that person was supposed to come true.

And this time, it was supposed to be accomplished by them.

They crawled on the ground like incompetent garbage, but now it was the time for them.

But... but...!

"Because of you... because of you...!" (Albert)

"You're so noisy. You're just blabbering, so how about you stop doing that? Or perhaps I should say, if you want to talk, can you talk about something more meaningful? Rather, the words you've spoken are meaningless, there is not much meaning for you to be alive." (Soma)

"You bastard...!" (Albert)

Those words were completely stopped.

Albert never went all-out until now.

If he did so, it would definitely become a troublesome matter.

But, he didn't care about such a thing anymore.

He unlocked the limiter on his whole body, and the magic was overflowing to the surroundings.

With that much magic gathered, it was highly possible to slaughter a whole army...

"Die...!" (Albert)

He hurled everything towards the one before him, but that everything was erased in an instant.

"Wha, it can't be... Such a thing, it is not possible...!?" (Albert)

There was no way it was possible.

And there was no reason for that.

"Something like this is...!" (Albert)

While screaming, Albert hurled his magic with his full power.

Aina was simply staring at the scene before her.

She felt like she was dreaming... No, she even wondered if it was real.

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