34: The Destruction of A Certain Organization

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The Destruction of A Certain Organization

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In a corner of a dim room, a man controlled his breath, and was hiding.

He didn't intend to escape in this way.

It was to take the opportunity to strike back.

He wasn't sure how many companions still remained.

But, it would be their victory if one of them survived and completed the ritual,

Rather, the reason why they were raided today, he was probably more concerned that this was a trial given by his God.

In other words, if they overcame this trial, their King would rule the world this time.

When he thought about it, his motivation was also swelled up.

But, at that time...

As he heard the footsteps just around the corner, the sound stopped.

His body naturally became stiff, while he gathered strength.

"Hmm... even if I look for this long, I can't find anyone else. Was it all there? There were eight people in total. These people are obviously suspicious. What on earth were they doing? ...Well, I already finished breaking stuff, there will be no problems, regardless of their plans. Now, what to do next? Should I search another place, just in case? Or should I just go home...?" (??)

However, when it was almost like that, the shadow turned it's heel.

Two more steps... No, the man would be noticed if it approached one more step, but... the man loosened his mouth as if his God was on his side.

Just like that, the footsteps resumed for another step.

He grasped the sight of the unprotected back, which was going to leave, with an upward twitch of his mouth.

It had double meaning because his wish was fulfilled.

The man knew from the shadow... that it was a woman.

He saw her more than a decade ago... No, he encountered her.

And the result of that time was also similar to today.

However, there was one clear difference between that time and today.

At that time, there was nothing the man could do, other than running away, but it was possible to kill that woman today.

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