32: The Demons and the Demon King - Part 2

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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 2

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The Demons and the Demon King – Part 2

Aina was surprised, but she didn't feel shocked by the words he told her while he made a sheepish smile.

Perhaps, the flow of the story was quite understandable, and she had slight ideas what would happen afterwards.

Yes, other than forcibly bringing her, there was no need to put Aina in the prison.

Rather, if he did that, it would be nothing but a problem.

However, there was no reason not to do so, in the case that Aina would become a sacrifice.

She didn't think about it because it was scary, even though she realized it.

But, there was no need to say such things when they were already at this point.

Although they could run away, the Demon King's daughter, Aina, was there, and... more importantly, Lina was also there.

Aina couldn't forgive such a thing.

"...Don't you feel guilty about doing this?" (Aina)

"Of course, I don't. It's fine as long as Demon King-sama can be resurrected. We will bring down those fools together with that man, torture them and finally, the time to counterattack will come. It will be the time to get revenge on those who called us Demons and despised us!" (Albert)

Looking at that man who loudly shouted, Aina thought that he was crazy.

In the first place, how would they counterattack by resurrecting the deceased?

They would be destroyed again and the Demons would probably be seen as worse than before.

However, she felt that it was pointless to say that, and... moreover, there was no need to say anything.

"...Right. I understand it well." (Aina)

"I'm glad that you understand. Unfortunately, Princess won't be a part of it, so don't feel bad about it. Anyhow, with you as a sacrifice, we will take the first step of revenge!" (Albert)

"...I'm sorry about that, but you can do it on your own." (Lina)

At that moment, a part of the iron grill blew away.

No, it was completely knocked off.

And while the grill formed a shadow, Lina jumped towards Albert as it was.

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