30: Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls - Part 3

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Anyhow, there was no need to worry about it, for now.

As they arranged their thoughts, they would confirm what they would do from now on, based on the information gained by Soma.

"It will take a day if we're walking. On the contrary, one hour would be enough if we take into account that we are not used to this, but... will it be a problem with how much time it takes to find the ruin?" (Camilla)

"Yes. Nevertheless, we will not take more than two hours." (Soma)

Strictly speaking, they would immediately understand what kind of ruin it was.

The main problem was the way to get there.

Nobody would go to the altar where an evil God was worshipped. Consequently, it wouldn't be easy to go there because of what kind of place it was.

So, it would take one hour-plus to do various things.

There shouldn't be any problems, until they arrived at that place.

If there was a problem...

"Whether we can smoothly rescue Aina and Lina." (Soma)

"It's going to be... Well, I also don't think anything bad will happen until that time. Actually, I am more concerned because the opponent's strength is unknown. There is no mistake that the opponent is a Demon who has at least High Rank Skills, but... I can't guess more than that. ...I don't think that the Demon Heavenly Generals are involved, but should we consider the worst possibility?" (Camilla)

"Demon Heavenly Generals... is it?" (Soma)

Soma was familiar with that term.

He heard that they were the strongest on the Demon's side, and they were equivalent to the Seven Heavens of the King on the Mankind's side.

However, if speaking in terms of quality, the highest position of the Demons was the Demon King. It was something that never changed.

Nevertheless, the Demons were not annihilated because Mankind didn't plan to do so... However, the fact still remained that Mankind treated them as a dangerous existence.

While thinking of such things, the scenery around Soma and Camilla had changed.

From a plain field into a forest again.

Moreover, the forest had a darker green than the Demon Forest, and somehow it felt creepy.

But, Soma and Camilla weren't hesitating this time around, so they just went ahead without worrying about it.

The magical landmarks were still visible.

Then, there was no problem.

While confirming the landmarks, they talked about their thoughts from earlier.

"Hmmm... did you mean that if we meet such a guy, we will die?" (Soma)

"Yeah. It is never an exaggerated story, it is just a fact. The only ones who survived from them were probably people from Seven Heavens, Heroes or Saints. Other than Seven Heavens, the Heroes and Saints were basically defeated." (Camilla)

"Does that mean Seven Heavens are the only ones who can deal with the Demon Heavenly Generals? There was a time that they got defeated once, right?" (Soma)

"To be exact, there is no difference when a person becomes one of the Seven Heavens, but... well, I wonder if there really is a big difference. Besides, it's not that the Seven Heavens are strong. The person became one of Seven Heavens because the predecessor was killed by one of the Demon Heavenly Generals." (Camilla)

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