30: Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls - Part 3

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Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls – Part 3

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Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls – Part 3

After safely meeting with each other, Soma and Camilla exchanged information and promptly left the village.

They judged that there was nothing else to be gained in this place, but that judgment itself was late.

Actually, Camilla couldn't get any information, but the information acquired by Soma alone was good enough.

Besides, above all, they greatly felt uncomfortable when thinking about the reason why this place was a village, and not a town.

"Cheh, what a disgusting story." (Camilla)

"...Well, it is probably reasonable, in a sense." (Soma)

The village was, so to speak, a kind of sacrifice.

It wouldn't be possible to deal with invasion. In other words, the village would be destroyed if there was an invasion.

For the sake of letting others know, the village was set over there, and people were living over there as well.

The reason for doing such a thing was because the place where the Demons lived was widely separated from each other.

Anyhow, the place that was dominated by the Demons had an area that was double the size of the country where Soma and others lived, but the population was only one tenth of Soma's country.

In addition, this country had many places that faced many other Mankind countries, so it couldn't keep everything in perfect order.

For that reason, there were places that did not even have any skirmishes these days.

There was no mistake that it was a reasonable discretion.

Perhaps, there were also other reasons.

The atmosphere floating around the village was that kind of thing.

Although the reasons were different from each other, there was no difference since people were staying there on their own accord.

That was how Soma and Camilla felt.

However, no matter what circumstances they were, Soma also didn't like it.

Which was why Soma didn't disagree with Camilla's decision to immediately leave.

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