The Boxer Boy

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(That was a lot of 'y's'.)

So, I thought I'd write a kind of sort of new book (this one, obviously) and I like chocolate.

I'm sorry, I just can't keep on topic. I'm watching X factor right now haha.

Anyways. So, I'm starting a new book and I decided that I'm going to give this all my attention. I want to make this book great, and y'know, I just really like writing.

I know the people reading this are probably thinking: 'What's the point of this if she just keeps rambling on?' Well, yeah. I just thought that making an introduction to this story will be a good idea.

Just a little warning. This story will contain:
A great overwhelming feeling of feelings and/or emotion (that made no sense whatsoever)
May or may not cause an individual to break into tears.
May cause anger, pain, or even the urge to punch a wall, or break your phone, laptop, whatever device you are on (JK NONE OF THESE WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN BUT AT LEAST THE BOOK SOUNDS INTERESTING NOW)

It will contain some [R] rated scenes and have cuss words (I may censor the cuss words in order for the chapters to be public and not private). It can cause anxiety, and other stuff. Updates may not take too long.

Read at own risk. Please, don't copy this book. I wrote it all. I thought of ideas, the title, the number of chapters, just everything.

Now, it's not like I have millions of people reading this, but I do hope this book could inspire you, or someone.

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