"Just because I can make people feel fear, doesn't mean I like doing it. Because controlling someone's fear means controlling them. And that's what I'm afraid of."


Fear Augmentation/ fear inducement-- Holder of this ability can enhance or evoke extreme feelings of fear and horror in others. Caution: User can literally cause the victim to die of fright.


A/N: Hey, so first off yes this is another Teen Wolf fanfic, but no this isn't another Derek fanfic. I think two is more then enough for me.

Anyway, so I came across this whole power of fear augmentation a couple days ago and decided that I love this idea a whole lot better then my main character being a banshee. So I basically scraped the idea before this, but being since I didn't really put up an actual chapter then I thought this was better then starting another new story.


I DO NOT own Teen Wolf or anything that is related to it. Anything that's recognizable goes to its respectful owners. I only own anything that's unrecognizable, like characters or any plot that I come up with. So please don't steal what's mine.

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