24: The Girl's Decision

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The Girl's Decision

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The Girl's Decision

A completely gloomy space was really frustrating.

Although they didn't make a sound, the gazes they made were eloquently displaying their feelings.

However, while simultaneously receiving them, a man showed a straight face.

While wearing a dress that wasn't related to this occasion, the man calmly and continuously reported at this moment.

'Is it not over?', as the man received that kind of stare, he still didn't react...

"—The report from me is over." (Man)

"—What?" (??)

At that moment, voices unintentionally leaked from the mouths of several people.

However, that was a matter of course.

More than a month had passed since that day.

Of course, it was hard to say that the preparations were perfect, but the first step was readied because of that.

No, rather than thinking what would happen later, instead of going smoothly, the people were gradually reaching their limits.

The man wanted to show what they regarded as half-baked progress.

"Oh my, were there any problems? There should have been no problems in the present report, but... it seems that there was a lot of dissatisfaction." (Man)

"...How shameless are you, even though you are aware of it? Weren't you the one who said the time to remain obscure was over!?" (??)

"But, I said that it would be soon. And since you have waited until now, what is the difference if you have to wait a bit longer?" (Man)

It was, indeed, the truth.

Even though it was a year later, the time actually was now.


"Such a thing is...!" (??)

"No, please forgive me. It was a slip of tongue just now. As I expected, it seems that you can't hide joyfulness." (Man)

"...What?" (??)

They were surprised for a moment.

They immediately understood his meaning, and they were surprised.

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