21: Ex Strongest Concerns About The Girl's Condition

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Ex Strongest Concerns About The Girl's Condition

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Ex Strongest Concerns about the Situation of the Girl

This place was somehow an old-fashioned place.

In other words, it was degenerated.

This wasn't about how degenerate the place was.

The place was gloomy to begin with. There was a prepared and slightly dirty round wooden table where ten people with covered faces gathered at.

In other words, nobody tried to liven this place up, and the atmosphere here also seemed to be like this because of the people that had gathered in this place.

However, if this gloomy mood was mentioned, they would probably be joyful.

While talking with their mouths, there was no different in their eagerness.

Moreover, nobody said anything, so their eagerness remained the same.

Well, that much was good enough.

"Now, this is going to be quick, but I can deliver good news to everyone this time. For some reason, I found something more interesting than this." (??)

The words uttered in this place were greeted with a commotion of surprise.

However, the voices gradually turned into joy.

Well, that would be so. (Can omit)

To them, this was exactly the first step towards their desires.

There was no reason not to be pleased, and there was no need to not make noise.

But, it didn't happen to all of them, since some were calm.

After verifying the information they heard, one of them opened mouth.

"...Is that certain?" (??)

"I directly met her yesterday. There is no mistake to begin with." (??) (TLN: The word her is not there)

"Ooh..." (??)

As expected, the people gathered were making voices of admiration to the story behind it.

They were even suppressing their trembling bodies and gulped once.

"That is... in other words..." (??)

"Yes, in other words... Before long the time to remain obscure will finally end." (??)

In the end, there were no voices coming up from anyone due to that predictable proclamation.

These people were deeply moved because of that.

They were trembling with joy from the bottom of their hearts as the time they had until now was not wasted.

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