20: Post Battle of the Siblings

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"Hmm... nevertheless, it is worthwhile to have a match with people, as I expected. It made me realize something new. After all, shall we do this sometimes...? Well, I'm going to be strict, though." (Soma)

The moment Lina heard such words, something had suddenly passed through her mind.

However, it just passed by.

It didn't come to a realization.

That was—

"First of all, you don't have an opponent... Hmm, if there is somehow a potential opponent, you should ask them without hesitation." (Soma)

Thereupon, she felt a fleeting glance towards her.

For a moment, that something passed through her mind became clear.

The intention was obvious.

However, would it really be alright?

Could she wonder if it was alright to hope for it?

Would it be alright if she said something selfish?

While thinking that way, she couldn't help seeing the face before her when she made her decision.

Her desire was obvious, but it might be her own imagination.

After thinking whether it was alright to say it... Lina opened her mouth to utter that word.

"Uhmm... Nii-sama—" (Lina)

'You will be my opponent!'

By the way, Aina was listening from a distant place when Lina said so.

She let out a sigh when listening to that, but it was too late.

Because she was thinking whether Soma still planned to do get hit on the head with magic over there. It might be possible, since he had come this far.

What was included in her sigh was a feeling of amazement, and even envy.

Even if this was told by anyone, Aina knew that she couldn't be the opponent of those two.

She understood it from the first glance, but Lina was clearly someone with Special Rank Skills, and... depending on the location, she was known as a Gifted Holder.

Aina was also the same. As a Magic Skill Gifted Holder, she would excel in magic to the end.

In close combat, she could probably win against someone with Advanced Rank, if she didn't perform poorly.

There was no way Aina could associated with those two.

However, that didn't lead to the feeling of jealousy while she was thinking so, because she knew what she could and couldn't do.

Although Aina couldn't do the same as Lina, Lina also couldn't do the same as Aina.

Anyhow, the match between Lina and Soma that felt strangely long, even though it was happening in a short time, had finally ended. Somehow, it seemed like a quarrel between siblings.

Whatever it was, Lina was probably throwing a tantrum on her own accord, but then, Aina let out a sigh again.

"Now... since you have finished arguing back and forth, I will be leaving soon." (Aina)

"Hmm, is that so? There was something I wanted to try a bit more." (Soma)

"Is that my fault? I'm sorry!" (Lina)

"It's nothing for you to be sorry about, Lina-san. Since such absurdities were done, there is nothing else I can do." (Aina)

"Hmm? Really? I feel that this much is no different than usual." (Soma)

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