20: Post Battle of the Siblings

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Post Battle of the Siblings

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Post-Battle of the Siblings

When Lina suddenly noticed it, she was looking up at the sky.

What reflected in her vision was a mixed pattern of blue and green, and she felt the ground on her back.

Even though Lina noticed she was down again, she didn't take much time to notice it.

Unlike last time, she didn't immediately stand up probably because her fighting spirit wasn't swelling up anymore.

Fatigue wrapped her whole body. On the contrary, she didn't feel pain because of the fatigue, too.

Yes, there was no pain.

Although she was beaten on the head, it didn't hurt at all.

Even so, she well-understood that the hit was properly adjusted.

There was no need for her to think again. It was a complete defeat.

If she considered it as if it was a regular training session or a match, maybe the idea of winning and losing itself was wrong.

However, Lina didn't think so.

At least, she had done everything she could.

On top of that, she was entirely beaten.

Without making any excuses, she felt that everything she had until now was denied.


"Hmm... that last blow was brilliant. To be honest, it was a paper-thin difference. Your ability in swordsmanship was getting better each time you hit me. I think that you are talented, after all." (Soma)

"—Aah!" (Lina)

At the time Soma's face reflected in her line-of-sight, she felt a shocking impact on the head.

However, she wasn't being struck, of course.

The palm was placed on her head and she was stroked.

And with the words he told her, it might have seemed ironic, if one thought about it.

But, Lina didn't think so because she was used to it.

That's right... she heard those same words two years ago.

For some reason, Lina remembered something she had forgotten and at the same time, she was convinced.

The reason why she didn't want to be defeated was because she understood why everything was denied.

Along with that, she could that feel his power had remained until the end.

There was no need to brace herself.

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