19: A Girl and a Child Part 2

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A Girl and A Child Part 2

"Are you trying to negotiate like in the past?" (Soma)

Lina nodded at Soma's inquiry without hesitation.

She was thinking to tell the truth, but it was more convenient if the other side explained it.

The girl was introduced with the name of Aina, but Lina's mouth was loosened a little while looking at the place within walking distance.

With this, there would be no interference.

"Well then, is this alright?" (Soma)

"Yes, it's alright." (Lina)

Just to be sure, she checked her hand, while nodding at Soma's words.

She grasped a wooden stick found in the surrounding area.

A similar object was held in Soma's hand. When looking at his figure from the side, it seemed like he was playing with a stick.

Nah, he really looked that.

What Lina had seen in the past seemed to be such a thing.

Rather than picking up a new one, Soma brought the stick that he had prepared. Seeing Soma's appearance like that, Lina judged that he was still doing it, even until now.

Aina probably saw it too... and, Lina couldn't stop thinking the reason why.

If anyone was watching him, they would notice it.

The stick he held was truly a playing stick.

However, Lina couldn't notice it at that time, because she got involved with various elements.

That girl should be different. Above all, they seemed to be close to each other. Hence, they might have met many times.

Even if she didn't notice it in the beginning, it wasn't unnecessary to notice that it was a playing stick.

So if Soma was pointing it out, it was necessary for Lina to do the same—

"...No, that was just me venting anger." (Lina)

Lina has decided to teach Soma the reality by completely beating him down.

There was no one else holding that kind of responsibility here.

Even if it was caused by a grudge... Lina still decided to hold the responsibility.

Besides, there was no other person who had the right to condemn him.

It would be better for Lina to honestly show him the reality.

It was useless for him to do anything because he had no Skills.

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