18: A Girl and a Child Part 1

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A Girl and a Child Part 1

Lina was walking alone in the forest lit by sunshine.

There was no hesitation in her footsteps because she had been here once.

Two years ago, Lina, who happened to know that Soma had gone out of the mansion early in the morning to go somewhere, quietly followed him afterwards.

On the contrary, even though two years had passed, she vividly remembered about that time.

She was able to vividly remembered how fast her heart was throbbing.

Moreover, her heart was throbbing fast, even now.

At that time, it was caused by the curiosity towards unknown matters, and the rebellious feeling of sneaking out of the mansion.

Today, it was quite different compared to that time, but the similar feeling was she was convinced that something was going to happen to where she was heading.

However, given the fact that it was two years ago, it wouldn't always be the same place like in that time, but... somehow, her guess was right.

She heard a voice from the figure that walked away earlier.

It was also a moment of proving that her memory was right.

However, Lina was surprised. It was because the scene reflected in her eyes was different from what she expected.

She was thinking whether he would do a sword dance like on that day, but it wasn't like that. In fact, he wasn't alone.

There was a girl who stood close to Soma's side.

The age of the girl probably similar to Soma's... or about the same as Lina's, and she saw the girl had brilliant red-colored eyes.

The girl with hair held on both sides swung her hands around while shouting something.

"So, why did such things happen!?" (Aina)

"I've come up with this because I couldn't think of anything else. If I can't feel mana, you have to directly use it here." (Soma)

"Are you stupid? You're asking me to use magic on your head!? If your timing is a bit slower, your head would be burned, you know!?" (Aina)

"No, you don't have to worry about that. If it is going to hit me, it will hit. But before that happens, I will cut the spell." (Soma)

"Now, I am more worried!" (Aina)

The sight where making noises together with Soma was... somehow strange to her.

It was different from how she felt when she looked at Soma's face from her room, or... perhaps it should be said that it wasn't the feeling she had about Soma in the first place.

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