17: Brother and Sister

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Brother and Sister

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To put it simply, Lina Neumont was very irritated.

Nevertheless, it wasn't unexpected. In fact, it was chronic.

She was frustrated all the time because of a certain matter.

She turned toward outside the window to look for the cause, but it seemed that she couldn't see him today.

That made her feel even more frustrated, and she made a big sigh.

And apparently, she seemed to be unfortunate to be noticed.

The voice that had been echoing forever until now ceased, and she felt a sharp gaze.

When she reluctantly turned around, one of the spectacled tutor's eyes was lifted, as expected.

"—Ojou-sama, are you listening!?" (Tutor)

She let out a small sigh this time in order to cover the continuously piercing voice that was uttered.

While she didn't listen to the lesson, she was thinking of what would happen if she said something, but she just kept silent because it would get more annoying.

Well, to be honest, she didn't listen because she didn't feel like it.

It was a waste of time to listen to something she already understood.

"...I'm listening. To be brief, as a result of Mother's hard work, this country has become peaceful. Since she is working hard even now, the peace continues without facing invasion from the Demons. Am I right?" (Lina)

"Ye-yes... well, that is the thing, but... that alone—" (Tutor)

"And because Father is doing his best, the other countries will never attack this country. I firmly understand that." (Lina)

"Y-yes... I'm sorry. But, even if you are listening, you'll be in trouble if you keep that kind of attitude." (Tutor)

"I'm really sorry about that. There was something interesting outside the window." (Lina)

"Outside the window, is it...?" (Tutor)

Thereupon, the tutor tilted his head because he knew that there was nothing visible by looking from his position.

Lina's room was situated at the eastern end of the mansion.

Moreover, the window immediately next to Lina was also on the east side, and what could be seen from their location was the flank direction of the mansion.

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