Tyler's room was nothing like she had expected it to be. On her right was a huge bed with black carvings and sheets. The wall behind the bed was covered with a beautiful black pattern. Next to the bed was an antique pseudo fireplace strewn with pictures and antique decorations.

On her left, large book cases covering the entire walls, with a study table and a cushioned revolving chair with it. The table was strewn with pages and open books, pencils and carelessly written notes.

In the middle of the room was a thick black and grey rug, partially covering the dark blood colored carpet that covered the entire floor of the room. Jade saw a red and black electric guitar in one corner of the room, next to loud speakers.

In front of Jade was a sliding glass wall, slid away to reveal a balcony with a breathtaking view. Cool nighttime wind filled the room. Jade, herself, spent most of her nights on the balcony staring at the stars and the moon.

"Tyler?" Jade called, but there was no response.

Slowly, Jade came to the middle of the room. She didn't know what she had expected; maybe an empty room with nothing but books. A dungeon with chains and torture instruments.

Or perhaps Jade had somehow imagined Tyler not sleeping at all. A man like Tyler gave the impression to Jade that he had no interests whatsoever. And so the guitar was the biggest surprise.

Leaving the door open, Jade slowly walked into the room. She was attracted to the study table in the first place. A part of her was curious to see what Tyler read, or wrote, in his spare time.

Cautiously, Jade bent over a few of the pages. The open books were either novels, or philosophical literature. Shakespeare's 'A Winter's Tale' lay open, and another "A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseni lay upside down.

This came as quite a shock. Jade had never expected Tyler to be a reader of such literature. Something about him didn't seem like it. Jade looked up at the books on the racks, and saw that most of the books were entirely unrelated to legal matters.

She moved on to the guitar, lingering beside it for a few seconds, wondering if Tyler could play it or not. She found herself next to his bed in a while, looking down at the pillows and sheets before moving towards the pictures on the fireplace.

Jade's eyes caught a picture of a young man with his hand upon the shoulder of a child of about four years. They were standing in front of a plain landscape. Clearly the little boy was Tyler. He was a cute child, with a slightly hesitant air about him, his black hair falling lightly over his forehead. Jade took the man to be his father, with the same black hair, and ember eyes identical to Tyler's.

Besides that was an old picture in a carved wooden frame, of a young woman with a breath taking smile. Jade ran her thumb along the frame, looking at the woman, who looked no more than maybe twenty.

The rest of the pictures were of Tyler, as a teenager, in school, playing the guitar. Jade smiled slightly, seeing him dressed as a hip hop artist, with baggy pants and hoodies.

Jade saw another picture of Tyler with his father. It was probably at graduation, for Tyler was dressed in his coronation gown and holding a degree. Next to him was his father, older now, his arm flung affectionately around Tyler's shoulder.

Seeing Tyler in those pictures, smiling and looking so normal, Jade couldn't imagine him the way he was now. He looked so happy, so carefree, and even though there was a seriousness on his face and a maturity far above his age, he seemed content.

Jade wondered what had changed him; the death of his father, or the loss of the woman he said he loved and wanted to rescue from Lukas's clutches. Thinking about that, Jade glanced again at the picture of the young woman. But that didn't seem like the girl he had mentioned; the picture looked too old.

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