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"Omg Y/N!"

"Look here pretty!"


"Marry mee!"

I waved at everyone as I passed them. My group was already inside the building. Today's the day where in we're nominated for Best Girl Group. Red Velvet, Blackpink, and Twice are also nominated for this award.

I'm so nervous. It's not because of the award show but my best friend, who is in a huge group, Seventeen. They said that we'll be seated in front of them, which means he'll see me.

I'll admit that I have a huge crush on Wonwoo since we're at high school until everything went wrong when he needs to go to the city for his first debut. I was so sad but happy at the same time.

He became a successful idol with his other 12 brothers. The funny thing is, they debuted last 2015, also our group, and they debuted first before us, but we became more famous than them. Our debut dates were only a month gap.

Right, our group name is (Y/G/N). There five of us in the group, and we call our fans (Y/F/N).

We are already worldwide sensation. It means there are a lot of men Idols who are crushing on us.

With tours and dates that are pact in our schedules, me and Wonwoo didn't got a chance, not even a bit to see each other and hang out. It really saddened me.

You can do this (Y/N).


A smile crept unto my lips as my feet ran towards someone. I hugged him tightly as possible.

"Omo, you are taller than the last time I saw you."

Jeonghan winked playfully, causing me to laugh. "Thanks bro. Anyways, I heard that your group is nominated for an award. I'm so excited. Good luck to you girls."

He patted my head as I rolled my eyes.

I am said to be the smallest Kpop Idol except there are others who have the same height as mine. So, the tall people will always pat my head. Annoying.

"Thanks bro."

"I gotta go. The others might worry. I'll see you later (Y/N)." He smiled as he waved, walking away.

I waved back. After he got out of the hallway, I quickly went to our dressing room. My eyes gazes around the place.

Hairstylists who are running to the end of the room to the other, Directors who are discussing about something, Stylists who are arranging our outfits, and some staff who are busy.

"Wahh finally, she came after hours." Sejin, the maknae, said, laughing.

"Shut up."

"Anyways, come here, I gotta fix your hair." My stylist said while grabbing the hair products that will be used on my hair.

After preparing and having a quick rehearsals with the girls, we are now walking to our assigned seats.

Somin and Jihan are vlogging for (Y/F/N).

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