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Pin's POV

'Oh my shit.' A girl called Ivy as I recall walks in and grimaces at my appearance.

I hadn't really made friends. At all. People really don't seem to like me.

'What the hell happened?' She asked.

I sigh, looking at her, her jet black hair expertly styled into a messy bob reminding me of Alice Cullen from twilight, I was way to obsessed with that series for my own good- what was I thinking when I read the collection over 10 times?

I look down and try to shake out my legs after being sat on the cold floor for over 4 hours now.

'I just got dumped.' I mumble, not wanting to spill any details or I will just end up as a quivering mess again. She sighs at my short answer but knows nothing else is coming when I meet her eyes.

Ivy frowns and bites her lip before sliding down next to me against the wall in an awkward act of comfort as she is wearing an extremely short skirt meaning it rode up so far I could see her underwear.

'Oh babe, I thought you said he was the one?' She whispered, 'He isn't worth it.' She hastily adds after seeing me release another wave of tears.

Why is she being so nice to me? I don't think we have ever spoken more than 4 words to each other.

Honestly I don't really know if many people have had a conversation with me of more than 4 words.

I am the kind of person where everyone assumes I am always quiet and silent but the thing is that I am not, I have just given up trying to befriend them.

If you ignore me the first time, chances are I am not going to try to talk the second time because you will probably take the piss.

Ivy watches silently as I begin to sob again for about another 15 minutes before my discomfort became too much to bear.

'There is only one thing for it.' She starts and I am already wary of what she is going to come up with- after all in class she never thinks anything through- in fact she even uses the phrase YOLO.

'You are gonna have to move out of that shit pit they call a sorority and move into my block. He knows where you are there and let's face it you don't really want to run into him do you?' Ivy raises one perfectly sculpted eyebrow,
'Come on just leave and we can get you sorted.'

I stare at her for about half a minute.

'Did you just not listen to a word I said?' She frowned

'No, no it's just I hardly know you. I mean I have only been here a couple of months and other than your name I know nothing about you- in fact the only reason I know your name is because I sit next to you in lectures because I am not talking to Oscar.' I remind her. Well that won't be happening anymore.

'Exactly you don't have any friends here because you were constantly talking to that twat or he was actually there!' Her patience begins to run thin as her anger towards Oscar only grows.

Ivy hasn't even met the guy so she can't say much. In fairness I don't know how well I know him anymore.

'You have never been to party he wasn't at and so you haven't made any friends at all- what are you doing?! You need people and right now I am the closest person you have to a friend and I am not letting you wait in that bloody place for him to come back.'

I look down knowing that was exactly what I was going to do. I frown slightly as I realise that she was right not only in the fact that I am going to wait for him but everything else too.

I have no friends here and I am officially alone.

I look up at my reflection again and throw my original 'plan' out the window as I make a decision I am most definitely regret.

'You know what? Sure. I will leave him and his perfect life and I am gonna make myself have so much fun he will feel sick at the thought of letting me go.' I shout making Ivy jump beside me at my outburst.

'Screw him. He can't control me anymore so I am actually gonna have some fun for once!' A smile begins to spread on my broken face and a smirk on Ivy's.

I shouldn't drink. It makes me way too honest and spontaneous for my own well being.

'When can I move?'

'By next week definitely, I know someone who is high up in this place and can have you changed easy.' She smiles reassuringly,

'Oh yeah first rule: if you are going to live with me though, you are going to  have to hang with my friends as well and... they are kinda different to you... you'll be fine!' She grins and stands up, using the wall for support and turns around and helps me up too.

I wobble on my dead feet but she simply shoves her red cup in my hand and drags me to the mirror.

'Oh my God. Second rule: If we are going to be friends, you have to sort out this face of yours,' Ivy grimaces and I sigh at my pitiful reflection.

I wash my face with the dingy tap water and whip out my concealer from my purse, earning an odd look as per usual. Within 10 minutes I am fully made up wearing more makeup than I would ever wear before and smile at Ivy in the reflection. I look grim.

'Beautiful!' I raise my eyebrows at her. I look like a person who has just had a breakdown and put the entirety of a makeup store on my face.

I literally just described myself. This year is going wonderfully.

'Let's go.' She smiles and I let her lead me into the cramped club.


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