*Harrys POV*

"Have you seen Niall any where?" I asked Liam and Louis who were in the kitchen making something I have never seen before, but it did look good I can tell you that. "Yeah, he is in his room, why?" Louis replied to my question. "Because some fan on twitter asked a funny question to him and I don't think he has seen it so I was going to show it to him. Thanks." I said and trailed to the stairs.

I was about to knock on his door when I hear a lot of laughing. Is that Natalie with him? They sure have spent a lot of time together.

"No stop it, i-it tickles, hahahhahaha stop Niall!" I laughed at them through the door, I just hope they aren't doing what I think they are. I knocked on the door. "Its open!" Niall yelled from inside, laying on top of Natalie. "Oh my, I'm sorry." I apologized and covered my eyes. "For what? We were just having a tickle war." "And I was winning." They both laughed, I slowly broke my fingers apart to see them now adjusting their clothes back to normal.

"So what brings you up here Harry?" Niall asked ruffling his hair. "Oh, I just wanted to show you a tweet. It says; Niall, I love your teeth, I just want to lick them" I said laughing to hard. "Oh yeah I saw that, it was weird, like really weird, so I just ignored it."

"Oh okay, I just thought it was funny, so have y'all seen Zayn? I haven't seen him since Friday on movie night." I had so many thoughts in my mind, like if he was dead, I mean like, he texted us, so I didn't worry all that much, but he wasn't coming around.

I saw a sudden change in attitude in Natalie, I forgot they broke up, now I feel bad. "I'm sorry Nat, I didn't mean to bring him up." I apologized and hugged her. "Its fine, im over him anyway, he was a douche, and he accused me of cheating on him, well by Cindy's words, so if he is going to go and think that, then that's fine with me, cause I know the truth and I know I didn't, so screw him!" She acted so confident but I could tell she was holding back a few tears. "Its okay Nat Nat, you can cry if you want to." I said rubbing her back. Niall gave me a look, like a maybe a jealous look? Any way, I hugged her and walked back downstairs to do nothing.

*Nialls POV*

I want to tell Natalie I like her, but I can clearly see she isn't over Zayn. I won't hurt her like he did, I promise that. Oh I have an Idea! I can ask her out tonight, I can plan a special date for us! Yeah! I am so excited, I hope she says yes. But, I don't know what to plan, oh I know, I will ask Louis, and Liam, they both have girlfriends. They will help me for sure! I smiled to my self hoping Nat couldn't read my face, cause I'm sure it said it all.

*Liam's POV*

Niall came rushing down the stairs so fast I thought something was wrong until I saw a devious smile on his cute little face. I know he is up to something.

"Liam!!" He yelled right in my ear as he jumped onto the couch. "mmm yes Niall?" I said confused. "I need help!" He didn't yell as much that time. "Niall, I told you, no one can help you with your food fetish." I laughed at my own little joke, that apparently didn't seem so funny to him. "Any way.... What do you need Niall?" "I want to ask Natalie out!" He whispered into my air way to enthusiastic. "Woah woah, you know that's not a good idea, she is barley even over Zayn Niall." I patted his shoulder and got up, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back onto the couch. "Please Liam, for your itty bitty leprechaun?" He begged, and I felt bad, but I can't help him, Natalie doesn't need a boyfriend and if he does ask her out, that's his call, and she says no, I warned him. "No Niall, now I'm going out with my girlfriend, okay?"

He sighed and stomped his way up the stairs. Poor fellow.

*Louis' POV*

"Yeah, I know, haha, okay, naw, its fine. I love you to babe!" I hung up the phone, Eleanor canceled our date for tonight, we were only supposed to go bowling, but I didn't bother me that much, maybe Harry wants to do something tonight, ill call him, wait never mind, he has a date, aww. I sighed and got up and walked to Nialls room, he opened the door right before I knocked. "Oh hello Louis, I was just about to come see you." "Oh same here mate, what do you need?" He sighed, smiled, and looked over at Natalie who was watching TV. "Can we step in the hall?" He started to push me out of the room. " I want to ask her out, ya know, romantically, can you help?" This little man just practicially begged, I can tell her really likes her. Hmm. I don't know though... She still isn't over Zayn, atleast I don't think so..

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