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~3rd Person POV~

"Guess you gentlemen have an ore to find," Sapphira said.

"Come with us, Sapphy," Noctis asked, his tone slightly begging.

"Noct, I'm needed back at the Citadel," she sorrowfully explains.

"Come on! It'll be fun to have you tag along!" Prompto begs with his hands together.

Sapphira shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I just can't. Before time escapes me, I must return."

Before she could vanish, Noctis quickly grabbed her wrist and stopped her from using her magic. "Please, just this once."

Sapphira stares into his begging sapphire eyes, her weakness for them breaking free. "Fine. I'll accompany you for a short while. After this ore business is dealt with, I must return to the Citadel. The signing is tonight and I cannot miss it, Noctis."

The prince smiled, his excitement shining like a beacon. "You'll be back in time for the ceremony."

"Someone's excited," Gladio snickers.

"What about it?"

"Nothin'. Let's get this ore and give it to Dino."

Sapphira sighs, "I'll use magic to teleport. What area did he circle?"

"You're small enough to fit between me and Gladio. You'll be ridin' with us," Noctis states.

She shook her head, "Noct, you really think all five of us are going to fit in the Regalia?"

"We can try," the raven-haired boy shrugs.

Directing her gaze to Ignis, the royal advisor nods in agreement with the young prince. Sapphira huffs another sigh, "Fine."

"Yes!" Prompto whoops with a fist in the air.

Packed in the Regalia, the group heads to the circled area on the map. As they left Galdin Quay, Prompto turned in his seat to ask Sapphira a question. "Y'know, I've never seen you in-action. What weapon do you use, Sapphy?"

"Chakrams. They're good for close-combat and projectiles so I never have to switch between weapons in the midst of battle."

"Hold on... Last time I saw you fighting, you were using a sword," Noctis remarks as he recalled what he just told Prompto in Galdin Quay.

"Ah, that was because a sword provides easier and less messy kills. Chakrams cause too much of a mess and I have no use for them in the Citadel." All the boys fell silent. Sapphira noticed and raised a brow. "Did I say something wrong?"

"N-No, not at all," Noctis shivers.

"Y-You're kinda scary, Sapphy," Prompto mutters in a shaky tone.

"I'm scary? Really?" She asked in disbelief.

"Sometimes, not all the time," the boy to her left said.

Gladio elbowed her lightly on the arm. "Glad you're on our side."

Sapphira acknowledged his words, but she immediately eyed Noctis. "Has there been a time where you've been so frightened of me that you have actually hid from me?" The prince didn't answer, signifying Sapphira's worst fear. "Noctis, tell me."

The boy looks away, knowing she would beat herself up over this later. "I'm not tellin' you."

Sapphira twisted her body in the seat and grabbed his cheeks in her small, pale hands. "Noctis Lucis Caelum, tell me this instant."

Seeing he wasn't able to escape her, he spilled the truth. "When I was eight and that damn Marilith attacked. When you appeared out of nowhere, I knew we were gonna be fine. Then, when your eyes changed red, your personality changed, too. You dove into battle without hesitation and slaughtered the Marilith. Even after it was dead, you still attacked and your body was covered in its blood."

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