Chapter 1

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Hunters pov
The cool winter breeze blows through my hair as my motorbike picks up speed, i turn into the place I dread most the Hospital.

I put the bike stand down and run inside "Archie?" I whisper as I see my devastated friend sitting in the waiting room head in his hands and blood all over his jacket, he stands up and I pull him into a hug "I'm so sorry" I whisper into his ear as he sobs.

He pulls away and sits down, Veronica clutching onto his side "What happened?" I ask and Veronica glares at me "Hunter" she spits as if my name was poison I roll my eyes and slouch back into the chair Jughead storms in seconds later.

"Juggie?" I whisper sitting up straight, his eyes widen as he rushes over to me and embraces me with a hug "Jughead it's not me who you should be hugging" I nod my head towards Archie and jughead eyes soften at the sight. All of a sudden loud chatter is heard throughout the hospital.

"Reggie?" I call out my boyfriends name and he smiles at me as i jump in his arms "Hey baby girl" I smile as the emotions overcome me and I tear up "Oh my god! Fred was s-shot" my body shakes violently as sobs are heard from my tiny mouth "babe it will be fine" I pull his head towards mine as our lips meet.

"I hope so" I whisper as we pull away.

I walk back over to my chair and sit down rocking myself back and fourth "Who shot him?" I ask out loud as the thought replays in my head Archie's head shoots up as the words slip out "I don't know" he says his voice a whisper "all I saw were Green eyes...through a black hood" I sink into my chair.

"A Mask?" He shakes his head "No Hunter a black hood" I rub my head in frustration and confusion "Well that
Doesn't help! Does it?" I yell quietly immediately regretting the words as tears flood Archie's eyes again.

"Arch, I'm so sorry....I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this" I stand up and walk out of the hospital my eyes not leaving the ground ashamed. Who shot him? Why Fred? My thoughts are caught off as I hit a muscular chest "oh sorr-" my voice cracks.

"Tall boy!" My twins voice is heard from behind me as he approaches a stern look on his expression "hunter go back inside" I cross my arms "And why the hell should I do that?" He frowns anger already in his eyes "Just GO!" He yells I gasp shocked and run off to my bike.

My fucking twin brother does it again!

Hello guys! Just a quick question should I write a Reggie mantle fan fiction? And sorry for a short chapter I will defiantly make longer ones in the future!

Xx Molly

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