Part 13: 6 Year Leap

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~6 years later~

It's been 6 years since Lucy was pronounced dead and she's become a stronger wizard in those years. She is now the first wizard saint and her attire is completely different, she gained new magic and can now use her spirits magic and can turn invisible and turn into a shadow. She knows some forbidden magic as well, her clothes are now a bit more skimpy but she has a new cloak from the celestial king, it's blue with a fire design on the bottom it covers her face and hair (Like Mystogan, so it covers everything but her eyes) and her eyes are now blue with a purple glow around them. She can now grow dragon claws and when angry enough her skin turns into purple dragon scales. She's now on her way back to her town that she loves, Magnolia.

~Lucy's p.o.v.~

I tighten the cloak around me, I dyed the bottom of my hair purple and I have a scar across my eye. I look different than when I left so my guess is that they won't recognize me, my rents fully paid so nothing to worry about.  I slowly walk into the guild everybody looks at me, I look over at the bar and Erza says "WHO ARE YOU!" "Well this sure is familiar I rolled my eyes and thru off my cloak. Erza's looking directly at me and I start at a slow walk but started running faster and faster till im full on sprinting, i hugged her "Erza I missed you" I whisper in her ear. I hear a gasp and tear drops on my head "Lucy, oh Lucy I missed you so much" Erza whispered back practically strangling me in a hug "Cant... breathe!" I say and she let's go, I made my way to the second floor and found Laxus. I tapped his shoulder "Laxus" I whispered, he jumped and turned to hug me "Lucy, don't ever leave for that long!" His voice shaking. To tease Natsu I got on the banister and just sat there, "Hey you cant be up there! T-thats Lucy's spot!" Natsu yelled, I rolled my eyes and put my fingers to my temple 'he's so dense!' I glance down to see Erza hiding her laughter poorly and Mira is just looking at her like 'WTF is wrong with you?' I slide off the banister and freefall. When im about to hit the ground I open my wings and fly over to Natsu, "Hey Natsy, your still as dense as ever" I whisper in his ear I look up and his eyes prick with tears. "LUCY!!! I missed you so much!!" He yelled getting the guilds attention, he hugged me closely to his chest "natsu... Natsu... NATSU!!!" I yell and chop his head and he smiles.
I hug my brother once more until I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around to see Levy, Gajeel, Juvia, Gray, Erza, Laxus, Cana, Mira, Ever, Bickslow, Freed, and... Lisanna!? She was standing behind Mira, after all the hugs Lisanna walked up to me her eyes were watering she leaned in and hugged me, she started crying into my chest. "Lucy in so sorry I never believed you were Natsu's sister, i just thought you were some weird crazy girl who liked him. Im sorry for that, I knew you weren't dead I could just feel it. So... for the past 6 years ive been searching for you Lucy, Lucy Dragneel! Oh and I broke up with Natsu... so I can have you all to myself" she whispers the last part in my ear and I blush. Everyone all at once grouped around me asking questions and this and that, I felt hands on my waist pulling me out of the crowd and guild. I didn't get a chance to see who it was before I felt lips on mine, but when I smelled the cologne I melted into the kiss 'Oh my God, Laxus is kissing me! What do I do?!' (🖐😨🖑 🔫, Don't kill me! This is still an ErLu story just with some... Obsticals?) He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to deepen the kiss, I wrap my arms around his neck rubbing my fingers thru his hair. He bit my bottom lip requesting access, I allow it and we start the battle, I felt another pair of hands on my waist and I was yanked away from the kiss. I turned around to see a pissed Erza 'Uh Oh' I thought "BACK OF MY LUCY!" Erza snarled 'my Lucy' I smiled at that, then I felt another pair of lips on mine and Erza's armor disappears. Laxus starts to reach for me but Erza breaks the kiss I want so badly to continue and re-quips a sword and points it at Laxus "Back off!" Erza growled and continued to kiss me. Then something yanks my tail, I yelp as in pulled back into Laxus' embrace "No, you back off red." Laxus snapped at Erza who glared back, even though I was enjoying being tossed around i knew I had to end this. "IM NOT JUST SOME TOY YOU CAN FIGHT OVER! IM JUST A PERSON! SO STOP FIGHTING!!!" I yell shooting fire out of my mouth, my cheeks, knees, and elbows turning purple with scales. They back off still glaring at each other, my scales disappear I huff and put my fingers to my head "i-im just gonna go rest, behave you two!" I heard them mumble a "Yes Lucy" before they walked back into the guild. I start heading to my house where I see someone from my childhood, my best friend Jack Heartfillia.
So im thinking... I might make 6 people like Lucy but 2 of them do not show they have any interest till later in the story... I have thought about this for a while, I think I might... so now there will be 6 people who want Lucy! STAY FROSTY!!!

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