Photo is of Emily, I edited it :3



I was the girl with the long black hair, the fringe that fell over my eyes, and the small black dress that was always accompanied by the opaque tights and the big, black boots. I was known as the 'Goth Girl'.

Every individual day consisted of taunts and laughs, but you grow used to it, after a while. And, like many other girls who shared the same likes as me, I didn't have many friends. I was no good at socialising, my reply to those who spoke to me was a simple grunt - my excuse for a lonely lifestyle.

Then there were my parents, they were the over protective kind. The ones who questioned everything I did. What if it effected me? What if it effected them? What if it was a danger to me?They'd never give up. It'd result in me storming out the room, a door slammed behind me, or, if there was no door, an object thrown to the ground.

I suppose my lifestyle wasn't that lonely, I had one friend, his name; Elijah. No. He wasn't my childhood sweetheart. He was just a friend, yes, that was all. He wasn't a bestfriend, he wasn't a childhood friend. Other than school, I only saw him two or three hours a week, so, we weren't too close.

I left that life behind, despite all the 'fun' I had, I moved on. Wouldn't you if better experiences were in store?

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