Chapter 10

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     "Y/n.." You cut Steve off with a wave of your hand.
     "You wouldn't of listened to me anyway." You say with clipped words.
     "You can't blame him, daydreamer, we don't.." You cut Tony off with a glare, remembering  the 'training' games he made you do.
     "No, neither of you gets to tell me what I can do. The two of you just want to see things for yourself. I've been like a new toy since I got here, touch this, touch that person, here let's go to this place." Venom dripped from each word, your own anger starting to build. The games that they had you play since you arrived, same games your ex made you do, the money he made off of you. Pretending to love you till you no longer became useful. "You're no better then he was."
     "It's not like that." Steve countered, looking at Tony as you started to walk away. You stopped dead in your tracks.
    "It's not?" Your voice calm, your eyes landed on Bucky. "Funny, it feels like that."
   You walked out of the room and kept going going till you had returned to your room, slamming the door. You had intended on crawling into bed, but the piled heap in corner reminded you that you would be laying on the floor. Slowly you lowered your body down, a single tear escaping. You tried to push that memory away.
    You didn't hear the soft knock, nor did you hear the door open and close. You felt someone move the blanket that covered you, you glanced over your shoulder. Deep blue eyes connected with you, full of pain, you rolled over facing him. Another year rolled down your cheek, he reached out brushing it away. You brought your hand up, placing it on his chest, closing you eyes.
     "Freak!" The boy yelled at you from the play ground. "Freak!"
    The chant started, the teachers looking away as they started in for the fifth time this week. One kid grabbed a rock throwing it at you, you brought your hand up a second too late as it pelted you in the face, stinging as it broke the skin.
      "No, honey, stay away from her, she's the devil's whore." The old woman hissed as you passed her in the store, as if being ridiculed at school wasn't hard enough. You tried to hold your head up high. "Pure evil, a demon."
    "Like anyone is going to want to be with you." The boy laughed in your face after he invited you to his party. "You aren't even pretty enough to get past your voodoo."
     You felt Bucky's lips press against your forehead. You wanted him to know, to know all the things no one saw. You pressed on, showing him scene after scene from your childhood, your heart aching as the scars ripped themselves wide open.
     You showed him when you met your ex, the whirlwind that was Elliot. How he was the first person since your granny died that didn't shy away from you. How he treated you like a princess in the beginning. The first time you were intimate with him, you left nothing out.
      Then you showed him when you found out that he was sleeping with someone else, his words echoed in your head.
     "You actually thought I could love a freak like you? You're just a paycheck, no body would love you for you. You're damaged goods."
     Your tears flowed freely, you felt the raw pain. The betrayal all over again, you needed him to understand your anger at Steve and Tony. You finally opened your eyes, you brought them to meet his. He wrapped his good arm around as he studied your face. He leaned in capturing your mouth in his.
    Your kisses started out lazily, tongues connecting, slowly fighting for dominance. He slid his hand up your back, pulling you into him. Your heart hammered into your ribs, threatening to explode. You reached up tangling your hands in his hair, his kisses became more urgent as he slowly kissed down your neck. You felt your breath hitch, your eyes snapped open as you felt Bucky leaned more into you rolling you to your back.
     Your other hand slid up to his hip, as he trailed kisses down your neck to your collar bone. Finding sweet spots you didn't know existed, a soft moan escaped your part lips. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and tugged it, silently asking. You leaned up as he pulled it over your head, and unhooked your bra, tossing them to the side. Your eyes locked for a brief moment. He smiled, it was different then before, there was so much warmth in that smile.
    "God, you're beautiful." He whispered, before finding your lips again. He grabbed both your hands in his, kissing you deeply, rolling his hips into you. You could feel him through your clothes, heat welled up through you, he rolled his hips again with a little more force. You whimpered in reply to his actions, you could feels his hand slowly travel down you body, stopping at your waist band.
    He leaned back breaking the kiss, his eyes full of want and need.
     "Do you want me to stop?" His voice rough, and deep, never breaking eye contact.
     "No, I need you." You whispered, that's all he needed to hear, he grasped the top of you pants, unbuckling them and slowly pulled them down your legs. He racked his eyes across your body, grabbing the top of your panties, and peeled them off your body. You felt exposed, you watched as he discarded his own pants.
     Your body shook, uncertainty was starting set in. He came back to you, his lips collided to yours with a hunger. He grabbed one of you legs gently bring it rest beside his hip as he settled down between. Heat pooled down in your lower body, you could feel the tip of him, pressing gently against you.
     Slowly he rolled his hips forward, as he leaned his forehead against yours breaking  the kiss. His face tight with concentration as he slowly continued to slide deep into you. You gasped, as your body tried to adjust to his size.
     "God.." He breathed as he was fully inside you. "You feel amazing."
     "Please." You whimpered, you bucked lightly against him. He pulled himself back slowly, before sliding back in. Slowly he continued rocking his hips into you and then back, gently at first. His lips brushed your cheek before finding your lips again.
     He began to pick up pace, as your whimpers came closer. Dear god, I don't know how much longer I'm going to last.
     "Please, James, don't stop." You begged. Jesus, doll, you have no idea how bad I've wanted to do this.
     "How long James?"
     You saw images of you flash through his mind, from the day you arrived though you never saw him, hiding in the corner. Another of you in the common with Wanda telling her about life in the farm, from the corner of the room again. The day at the gym when the two of you met, you could feel his nervousness overwhelm you, butterflies in your stomachs.
     When he woke, your terrified face beneath his. Fear welled up in your chest realizing he was scared that he had hurt you. The pain the next time he came too and saw the bruise. The burst of joy when you kissed.
     'Doll,' he said in his mind. 'You're an angel.'
    You could feel your climax building as his body slammed into yours, you moaned into his mouth. He pulled back for moment, looking into yours eyes.
    "Your close, I can feel it." He moaned softly, that sent you over the edge. Every nerve fired off, your mind cleared, the dizzying high he taken you. Moments later you felt his pace falter as a curse word escape his lips. He rocked against you a couple more times, before he lowered his body to rest on you. His lips taking yours one last time. 

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