I followed him to the back of the casino at a near-empty table; the one person there was dressed in a revealing red cocktail dress. I'm not into women, but she was hot enough to make me think about it. She smiled at me while looking up from her drink. "Mr. Kidd. How nice of you to join me." She smiled seductively at me. I waved awkwardly like the moron I am and sat down in the chair furthest away from her.

"Who exactly am I joining?" I asked, wanting a name.

"My name is Lilith," she told me, her mouth twisting heavenwards.

"Alright, Lilith it is, then. What game are we playing?" I asked, beginning to get the rush that comes with gambling.

"If it's fine with you, we'll be playing a two-person game. It's an original creation, so you'll never find it anywhere else." She smiled wider as I hesitated. I didn't know this game. It wouldn't be familiar. And if it's not familiar, I don't know how to play. It would be much easier to lose if she knows the ins and outs of this game like I know Poker.

But then again, I only have to pay one thing, right? So even if I lose, nothing will be too different, right? "Sure, how do you play?"

"This game is called Abaddon. The premise is pretty simple. If you want, we can play a game without bets first, just for you to adjust yourself to the game, okay?" She asked as the man who invited me over started dealing us cards.

"No, I don't need the trial run. I think I got this." I said, confident in my abilities as a gambler.

The dealer began explaining the game.

"In this game, you each get 10 cards. They are randomized, and you are allowed to look at them. You can take a look now." He said as he finished dealing us both 10 cards. "You separate all of these cards into five piles. All of said piles must have at least one card. The point of separating them into piles is whoever has the higher number wins. All of the piles are head-to-head." Lilith had already started setting her cards up, but I continued listening.

"Ace through 10 are just regular numbers, ace being one, etcetera. But the Jacks, Queens, and Kings all have special powers. King can make whatever pile you put it in wins unless the Queen is in the opposing pile. Then it loses. The Queen will lose no matter what unless it faces a King. The Jacks make it so that your two piles switch, so if your pile had a one and a Jack while the other player has an eight and three, you win because your piles switch." He said, sitting back in his chair.

"And," Lilith added, "if the two values are the same, then the player who has the fewest cards in that pile wins. If there is a tie beyond that if they're still tied, then we redraw those two piles. We usually play to three, this game will be to one. Do you have that all?" She said while I nodded, beginning to organize my cards. I only had a King and a Jack for the special effects cards, so I had to really think about where to put them. Before I had the ideas all sorted out, Lilith broke into my thoughts.

"Do you want a drink, Mr. Kidd?" She asked as I looked up at her.

"Sure, why not. Can I just get a scotch on the rocks?" I asked, looking back down. Lilith brought me my drink and I began to take sips while still figuring out what to do my 10 cards. I could put the Jack with a pile that was smaller, right? That would make sense. I had two ones, so I could work with that. I could put a one with the Jack, and go from there. The King could be with a higher pile of cards, right? Or would that not make sense... I don't really know. My thoughts became more muddled. It was probably my scotch but I'm not usually a lightweight, so it must be something else. I was already getting tipsy and I hadn't even drank that much. The King... Would be with my six. That could work okay... I think? So then I had a one, an eight, a seven, a ten, a three, and a four left for distra... Distra... what's that word? Doesn't matter. I can leave the ten by itself, and the higher numbers should go together, so then I win, right? Okay, so the seven and eight would be in one pile, and the one, three, and four in the last. This might work? I don't know.

"Alright, I think I'm done," I said, slurring my speech like a drunk old man. The dealer nodded and look towards Lilith to see if she was done.

"I am also ready," she spoke confidently.

"Alright." The dealer said as he flipped 0ver my first pile, the Lilith's. "A Jack and a one versus a ten and a three. Mr. Kidd wins this battle."

"Yes! I think I'm not that bad!" A smile began to cross Lilith's face as I took a long drink in celebration.

"We shall see about that, Mr. Kidd." The dealer/salesman flipped the next pair of piles over. "A King and a six versus a lone Queen. Too bad, Mr. Kidd."

"Damn it!" I grabbed my drink for a swig but found it empty. "Hey, can I get like a beer or something? This scotch was too strong."

"Sure. I'll go get it," Lilith said as she got up to get my drink. The table was quiet for a while. That weird, awkward quiet. In an attempt to remedy this, I turned to the dealer.

"So," I paused for a while, "got any kids?"

"Oh, me? No, none." The dealer looked flushed.

"Yeah, me neither. I'm a touch young." The conversation ended there. Luckily, Lilith came back with my drink soon after.

"Here's your drink," she said, handing me the bottle.


The dealer spoke up after flipping the next pair of piles, "the third battle is a lone ten versus three sixes. This one goes to Lilith."

"Shit." I drank more. A lot more. I started to sway back and forth. I had had too much to drink.

"The next battle is one seven and one eight versus two sevens. Congrats, Mr. Kidd, you win this skirmish."

"Yes! Only one left to go!" I drank some more, feeling confident; although, it could have been the alcohol talking. The dealer flipped over the last stack and spoke.

"The last battle is a one, a three and a four versus a six and a two." I did the math in my head, slowly; it's hard to do math while half (fully) drunk.

"It's a tie," I said. Lilith's smile began to flourish.

"Not quite, Mr. Kidd," she said. I looked back at the cards and slowly realized that I had lost. The value was the same, but she did it in two cards, not three.

"Well, Mr. Kidd, it appears you have lost," said the dealer. "Now, it is time for you to give Lilith what she is owed."

"I don't think you ever told me," I said through the intense English language butchering machine that was my voice at this point.

"Did I forget to tell you? Oh well. I mean, that's not like me. You owe her your soul and eternal servitude: until you die, of course." I was in disbelief, and it showed.

"Yes, my servant. Now go home and rest. I'll need you later."

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