Chapter 27- Go To Hell

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Lydia's POV
I was speechless. I don't understand how this could've happened. "How is this possible? Was this all part of your stupid game to fuck up my life?! Is mom alive too?" I question angrily as Carlyle laughs.

"Nope. That bitch is as dead as your brother is. And as for your sister here, well I gave her a choice. She could either tell me what you all were planning behind my back, or I would kill her along with the rest of you." I look up at Rose and glare.

"And you went along with this?" This time she chuckled and continued to twirl the bloody knife in her hands. "What can I say? I like being alive-"

"Yeah, and apparently you like killing people too. Why did you kill dad and David?" Gray questions, she smirks evilly. "That ones easy. Your father was onto me, he knew my name wasn't Lucy Underwood and he started looking into my past. As for your little brother, well he was just collateral damage-"

"HE WAS FIVE YEARS OLD! HE HAD HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HIM! YOU BITCH!" Gray snaps angrily, I look at him in shock. Gray has always been the nice one, to see him going over the edge like this is surprising.

"Snappy and bipolar! You really are part of this family. So here's the deal. One of you is going to die tonight, the other is going to join us. We are gonna give the two of you a choice of who lives and who dies. I'm going to take this knife and leave it for you two to work things out. " Rose says with a chuckle while placing the knife on the ground, Carlyle walks out. "And if we don't?" Gray snaps, Rose looks back with a smirk.

"If you don't, then we will kill all of your friends and their babies one by one and we will keep you alive just for the sake of making you watch them die over and over and over. The tormenting will never stop and it sure as hell will never end. You'll be begging one of us to end your life but we won't. You will be stuck in here for the rest of your life and left with only your dark thoughts. So think about it. Would you rather die or watch everyone you love die at your hands because of you?" Without another word, she slammed the door shut which left us alone in the room with the knife.

I managed to grab the knife with my foot and kick it back to my hands. It took time but I was able to pick the lock on the chains with the lock like Tim had taught me to. I went to untie Gray but he shook his head. "Kill me Lydia."

"Hell no. We are going to fight back-"

"No. Didn't you hear her? They will kill everyone. Do you want all of them to die? Do you want Haley and Piper's babies to die?"

"Nobody has to die-"

"You're wrong-"

"No. I have a plan, but this is gonna hurt."

Tim's POV
I heard a loud scream come from the other room. Was that Adrianna?! I need to find a way out but I'm hurt. I need to help them, I refuse to die in here.

I managed to break free from the chains but Rosalinda and Carlyle came back in and I had to act like I was still tied up.

This is ridiculous. How could he bring his family into this? He never used to be like this. When they had Rose he was the happiest man on the planet. Same goes with when they had Stefano a couple years later. Even when Adrianna came along, they were the perfect family.

But perfect can only get you so far. I remember the first time he hit her, that was when he got right where he started, back into the business, and it was all because of his troubled first child.

Rose used to act all perfect, but once she found out about the business she wanted in. When Carlyle wouldn't let her in or give her any information, she came to me, and when I didn't give it to her she found her own way in. She ended up getting pregnant at 15 and that's when Carlyle came back into the business. It went downhill from there.

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