"Nicki get up!!" my friend Stephenie yelled at the end of my stairs. I opened my eyes to see her already standing there at my doorway with her red hair in curls."ok I'm up." i sat up looking at her "i got your outfit picked out" I looked at her she had picked out a dress that had glitter on the top and at the bottom was black it went just above the knees when i put it on. we got into my brother Drake's car and he took us to school "Bye Drake" i said giving him a hug he is 1 years older then me so he goes to college."Bye Nicki" he got back in his car and started playing my song Beez in the trap.Me and stephenie started laughing.My school was a music school so all we did was sing i loved it"So is it true you know Michael Jackson!" stepehnie asked as we walked in the music room "We went over this millions of time Yes it is true i know Michael Jackson" i looked and saw my friends Jessica,Taylor,Justin, and Landon ."Sorry I'm late class" a voice said i looked in the direction and saw Michael Jackson i immediately smiled. "Michael!!" i said running towards him a smiling. "Nicki!" he hugged me i returned it "i missed you!"i smiled."I missed you to" he laughed."its been so long since i've seen you how old are you now?" i said pulling away "i'm 20 now how old are you?" "My birthday was a week ago i'm now 19" i said blushing. why do i do that everytime i talk to him."Aww i missed it i'm sorry nicki" he said smirking at me when i blushed."its ok but you know what would make me happy." i said looking at him."What?" he said "You singing The Way You Make Me Feel" i smiled hopeing he would."Alright" he walked up to the stage and grabbed the mic "Excuse me people" everyone immidatley snapped their head toward Michael."Many of you know Nicki well i missed her birthday and i feel bad because of it so im going to sing a song that says how i feel about her" Music started to play.



Go On Girl!


Hey Pretty Baby With The

High Heels On

You Give Me Fever

Like I've Never, Ever Known

You're Just A Product Of


I Like The Groove Of

Your Walk,

Your Talk, Your Dress

I Feel Your Fever

From Miles Around

I'll Pick You Up In My Car

And We'll Paint The Town

Just Kiss Me Baby

And Tell Me Twice

That You're The One For Me

The Way You Make Me Feel

(The Way You Make Me Feel)

You Really Turn Me On

(You Really Turn Me On)

You Knock Me Off Of My Feet

(You Knock Me Off Of

My Feet)

My Lonely Days Are Gone

(My Lonely Days Are Gone)

I Like The Feelin' You're

Givin' Me

Just Hold Me Baby And I'm

In Ecstasy

Oh I'll Be Workin' From Nine

To Five

To Buy You Things To Keep

You By My Side