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Jessica's POV

After retrieving my luggage, with the help of an exceptionally cute guy, with an even cuter Irish accent, I walked towards the exit of the airport, with him nonchalantly strolling along.

" so what brings you to London?" he inquires turning his head, getting a better look at me.

"my families kinda moving here." he looked confused,

"and, er, do they happen to be invisible or am i missing something?" i laughed,

"no, they're coming in a week, i had to come earlier to get a head start in school." He grinned,

"Eleventh year?" what? " um you mean grade? yeah eleventh," he laughed,

"same, we might be attending school together," he smiled lightly, "here we are, this is as far as i can go, my dads waiting for me" he gestured to a couple struggling with bags,"by the way I'm Nathan,"he quickly added.

"thanks for the help," I smiled holding back my disappointment,"Im Jessica,"

"don't mention it, Jessica," he waved it off and grinned when saying my name.

"i already did," he looked at me for a bit before adding slowly,"did what?"

I laughed, he doesn't get American humor," i already mentioned it." he blushed, why would he blush?

"oh, right" he laughed. "well, bye," i turned and began to walk away. then he yelled after me,

"see you around?" i turned my head and smiled,"maybe," he grinned and i walked outside.

I could feel how awkward i looked holding two suitcases and 2 carry on bags, every one that passed me just stared and half smiled when i glared at them. wow London how polite. One guy in a suit who looked like he was in a hurry, stopped and took my bags to the front of the sidewalk. I stand corrected.

I scanned the area for my driver and didn't look for long before i saw a suited man in his 40's holding up a sign that said 'Ms. Styles'. i awkwardly waved to him,"yeah, hi, I'm miss Styles, could i get a little he-" but before i could finish he dashed over and began loading my luggage into the trunk. wow, OK.

He didn't say a word as he pulled out and drove, i decided he'd probably stay that way, so I pulled out my phone. "ugh great." i sighed. I cant call or text anyone, but at least i can check facebook and twitter. Thank god for built in wi-fi.

to my "total surprise" my twitter wall was decorated by hundreds of directioner tweets. Beautiful. oh well, there's always facebook. yeah, maybe not, guess what's flooded my news feed? yurp, one freakin' direction. what is so great about five British guys. OK a lot, but seriously? they're EVERYWHERE!!!

I stopped in the midst of my thoughts, the chauffeur  had made an abrupt stop on an exquisite drive way. I looked out the window, SHUT UP! the house was magnificent! The chauffeur unloaded my luggage to the front door and hastily drove away. I walked up to the front door, admiring every feature of the front of the house. i reached the door and proceeded to knock. no answer. I gave it another try, this time i heard laughter from within. the door slowly creaked open, but only wide enough to expose half a face poking through it. one crystal blue eye, some brunette hair, and half a smile clearly made for laughter.

"ee-yesss?" his mouth rang, still smiling hugely. I regained my composure,

"uh, is my dad there?" he smiling eyes gave off  a bit of confusion but only for half a second, and the door opened slightly wider.

"your dad eh? who's he?" he raised an eyebrow, now I was confused,

"Jonathan Styles? he just moved in?" he laughed,

" are you asking me or telling me?" that got me,

"OPEN the door!"

"Lou, who is it?" another voice called from inside as it came closer. Suddenly the door was pulled open to reveal the full face of a male, brunette, blue eyed, still smiling, and just behind him, another smiling face adorned with luscious curls of different shades of brunette, and eyes whose color could've been blue, green or a mix of the two. My expression must have given me away, because his smile widened, showing off dimples that killed! then I remembered my anger,

"Who are you and why are you in my dad's house?" they exchanged amused looks,

" er, I'm Harry, this is Louis, and uh, this is my house."

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