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Chapter 3

"Everyone judged,No-one tried to understand"

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"Everyone judged,
No-one tried to understand"


The moment I saw him I booked it.

I grip my sisters legs that are still tightly wrapped around my neck and made a bee line to the wide open double doors.

My sister protests but I keep on moving.

I remember that rich guy say that this is his parents house....

He's fucking loaded!

I was about to step out in the cold night air when I heard my name being called.


I instantly stilled, my grip tightening on the little munchkins chubby legs. I felt her hands smooth down the top of my hair and my arms relaxed slowly.

I pivot behind me, aware of her still on my head and I'm met with curious bright green eyes. I put on a blank façade and scan over the timid boy.

His brown slightly curly hair is slicked back so his face is clear and prominent, his pale skin is decorated with small freckles and high cheekbones. A small bruise making its statement on the side of his eye.

A fancy black suit replacing the plaid shirt and bow tie he seems to adapt himself with at school. My hard eyes makes it up to his and an almost immediate wave of redness seems to spread over his features.

His hand lightly grips the side of his neck while his other one fumbles on the end of his expensive looking jacket.

"W-What brings y-you by" he lightly stutters as he diverts his attention to the polished marble floor.

A smirk makes it's way to my face and I step forward, aware of my sister is still on top of me. His eyes snap to me and it's like he just realized there is a little tiny human on my shoulders and his eyes glaze over to my sister. I'm not sure what expression she has on her face but by the look on William's face it seems that she's probably showing him her 100 watt smile.

"Just passing through" I lean a bit forward and his eyes widen at the closeness.

"O-O-Okay u-umm-" he stutters out nervously

"Mavy he's turning red!" My sister's giggles comes like a tsunami and once she goes, she won't stop.

He turns even more scarlet at the observation and he bows his head down in embarrassment. I pat my sisters leg for her to stop laughing at the poor soul and slowly she composes herself.

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