9.- Sloth Pair

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Tsuki= It's nighty night for Alejandra-sama so I decided to continue the chapter for her while she sleeps...

*Turns to me and mumbles, kinda annoyed* since she haven't slept for two days cause, she was packing and unpacking her stuff to her new place.

Alejandra= zzzzz~ -^-

Tsuki= *stares* so annoying 7_7

*Looks back to you while closing an eye and scratching a cheek* enjoy the chapter.

Alejandra= nnnngh~ =~=


Tsuki POV

I squished my eyes shut as the ray of sun shine straight through my bedroom back door and towards my eyes.

I fluttered my eyes slowly open and look forward, nothing that the doors were still open, forgetting to close them last night, as a warm fresh breeze blew inside the room, slightly blowing my hair back.

I was laying on my right side, on my bed as a silk warm white cover was over me, a cozy white huge puffy pillow under my head.

I might have fallen asleep...

I then felt something warm and furry move around my arms, looking down in my arms, only to see a familiar small black fur ball sleeping, as he was curled up in a ball as I held him close to my chest.

I stared at him somehow soft, remembering on what happened last night, the old bastard unexpected and ungrateful arrival, him almost choking me to death, Hyden suddenly thirst and... Sealing the contract... permanently.

I could still feel a slight pain, stinging in my neckcollar, where he had bite me with his sharp fangs.

Remembering the sound of my blood being sucked out from my body and to his throat. His, somehow, warm hands on my back neck and low back, pulling me closer to his body while he deepens his fangs on me.

But, I also remember him whispering something that I couldn't quite heard by his weak possession as he drinks from my blood.

What did he said?

"Nnngh~" I then heard a soft, lazy tone coming from my arms, knocking me out from my thoughts.

I blinked twice, staring down at Hyden who then begins to slowly open his eyes, both of his tail waves around softly, as he stood up while stretching before laying back down in my arms as he look up at me.

"Good Morning, Tsuki-san!~" He spoke still in a lazy tone, smiling

Surprisedly, I returned him a soft small smile. "Morning, fox." I said back.

We stayed in silence for a while, staring at each other eyes, strangely, the silence was comfortable and nice as if we'd done this a long time ago, but who knows, maybe it did but I won't be able to remember since I can't remember anything of my childhood life.

I then broke the eye contact as I looked away at the bedroom door, seeing it close shut, luckily.

"I should better do something for breakfast." I informed, pushing myself up in a sitting pose as Hyden stood up and leaped off the bed and to the floor.

"Is someone here?" He suddenly asked, maybe smelling the old bastard in the house.

I nodded shortly, put my feet on the cold, wooden floor, pushing myself off the bed and stood up, fixing my robe to cover myself.

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