chapter 3.

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A loud noise woke me up. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. My body feels so heavy. My body rolled over to stop the alarm from my phone. My gaze landed on the watch. It's 8am and I had to be at work in 1 hour.

How will my first day at work be? I grabbed my phone and scrolled through instagram. There was nothing special going on so I got up and went to make myself ready for work. While brushing my teeth I listened to music. I always do that while making myself ready.

Without music I couldn't even imagine to live. And also the music belongs to my hobby that currently turned into my job. I smiled to myself because of the thought of my job thinking it could even be fun for me.

Of course the trainees have to work hard and me too, but I know I will make it through that. If they gave up on trying to dance I'll motivate them again. If they break down I'll try to be by their side. I'll be more than a teacher.

More like a friend. They shouldn't see me as a teacher, but more like a friend they can lean on.

I put the toothbrush down. "I hope that will work out." Will they trust me? I shook my head. "Don't think like that! You can do it!" I countinued getting myself ready.

As I finished I left the house. Once again, I plugged in my earphones and listened music. While I'm listening to music I always think of coreographies. I got on a bus and drove to the location.

When I arrived I looked at my watch. "Ugh looks like I have to run" I removed my earphones and began to run into the building. At the reception I got the dance room number. My gaze followed the hallways.

Woah there are a lot of doors. Once again I looked at the number. As I didn't pay intention I only felt myself bumping into something and stepping back.

"Oh I'm sorry-" I looked up. Oh. It was him. With him I mean that guy whose performance I adored a lot.

He smiled and bowed. "Sorry I didn't pay attention where I'm going."
"No no~ It was my fault." He looked confused.

"Uhh? Do I have something on my face?"
Xukun responded. "Ahh no it's nothing like that but.. why are you here? Are you lost or something?"

I laughed. "I have trouble finding this room. I'm in charge of dancing. Like a dance teacher" He looked surprised and then smiled. "Ohhh why didn't you say that? Come on. We have the same location. I had to head there too anyway!"

Xukun took my hand and lead me the way. His hand is bigger than mine. My eyes scanned the whole way to get there. It's like a maze. We were stopped when a guy started to shout.

"Hey Xukun! Who are you dragging with you?" A tall guy with black hair went to face us. His gaze followed from my toe to my head. "It's the dance teacher. Although she looks kinda young"

"I'm 19." I responded without hesitation not knowing why. "You're younger than me then." The black haired guy put his arm around my shoulder. I freezed because I didn't know what to do. Man I couldn't even move.

"You shouldn't treat her like that. She's still our teacher." The word Teacher makes me uncomfortable. It just doesn't feel like me. I only want to help them to dance. But I don't want to do that exactly as a teacher.

"Hah, just call me by my name. I don't like being called a teacher." Xukun looked at me in surprise. "But it's your job?"
I stared at him. "Yeah I know.. but it's more comfortable being called by my name."

The guy who still had his arm around my shoulder smirked. "So.. how should we call you?"

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