|Cody Carson| "I Get Too Attached"

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Codys POV

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Codys POV

I wandered around the house we all shared as a band; listening to the loud music, which proceeded to vibrate onto the floor.

I took a red plastic cup from the kitchen counter, hearing two lads complain about how I'd just ruined their 'Sick game of beer pong.'

I rolled my eyes and continued to stroll away, looking at the people who the party had brought around tonight.

Me myself; not really a fan of parties, or social gatherings for that matter, however being as this was my abode, I had no choice but to be dragged into it.

"Cody! Come on over here." I heard Maxx yell halfway across the living room. I ducked past the numerous people and stood by him, taking sips from the plastic red cup in my hand every now and then.

"Seen anyone yet. The next girl of your dreams?"
"You mean after Natalia? Um no..." I sighed, keeping the red plastic pressed against my lips.
Maxx slammed his hand against my back twice, I grumbled quietly and looked around the room once more.

Which was when I saw her.

She stood in the corner of the kitchen, a small blue plastic cup in her hand. A lost expression plastered on her face as she shifted her gaze around the room.
She had H/C H/L hair which suited her face so well.

I slowly made my way towards her, she must have noticed because she took a glance in my direction and seemed to take a breath before gulping.

I hadn't meant to make her nervous; I think I was far too pissed to control my actions.

"What brings you here?" I began, confidently, most likely due to the amount of alcohol in my system.

She cleared her throat and gave me a half smile before answering.
"Uhm, my friend was invited by Dan, she asked me to come along. She had to practically drag me here."
She smiled again, causing my heart to flutter.

"Not a fan of parties then eh?" I questioned

She shook her head. "Defintiely not. I'm not very good around drunk people." She laughed

I smiled.

"It would have been a shame hadn't you have come tonight."

"Oh um thank you?" She tilted her head slightly, glancing into the cup once more.

"Vodka?" I questioned. "You're a heavy drinker then?"

She shook her head, causing me to feel really dumb.
"Uh no just water." She smiled. "I'm not keen on the fact I could end up in bed with someone else tomorrow and have no recollection, and it just be a one night stand and the other person not actually care."

I looked at her concerned for a few moments. She'd obviously been through some rough times, maybe being here wasn't a good thing for her.

"We could take this outside of you want?" I smiled.
She gave me a glance and firmly nodded her head. Before walking to the front door.

We were met by the cold air, the scent of cigarette smoke and cannabis hitting our noses.

I looked to the girl and saw her nose scrunch up slightly. I chuckled softly and looked ahead once more, she looked over towards a girl with who I recognised to be Maxx.

"You know them?"
"Mhmm, the girl is my best friend."
"Ironic, the guys my best friend."
She smiled and laughed quietly, I felt my heart thump loudly in my chest as I returned my gaze to her.
"I'm happy for her." She squeaked, I looked to her once more and smiled.

The night just seemed to go on and on, but in the best way possible, Y/N and I spoke all night, sharing random shit about us both.

"And that's why I don't come to parties like this." Y/N laughed.
I blushed slightly, feeling my cheeks flair up, I glanced away for a second to grab my drink.

I looked back to her smiling. We were both way past our drinking limit and now it was just the two of us left at the party. Her friend had left with Maxx and the rest of the band were either cleaning up or sleeping.

"Hey, Cody do you mind if I chill here for the night. It seems I've been left here." She smiled.
I grinned and nodded, standing up and helping her to her feet. She stumbled into me, I grabbed her laughed, making eye contact with her. She blushed a dark red and smiled, I leant down and gently pecked her soft lips, she kissed back, still a dark crimson red.

She giggled and I grabbed her hand pulling her back into the house. We kissed again, each one growing with love and compassion.

This was the girl.



The sun beamed through the crack in the blinds. Causing my consciousness to return from the night before I shielded my eyes, placing my hand over my eyes as my head burst with pain. I winced and held it, opening my eyes fully.

I didn't recognise my surroundings which is why I had to question how much I really did drink last night.

I sat up in the bed, noticing I was fully clothed. Which I found relief in, I looked around the room before noticing a figure next to me, still sleeping. My heart thumped loudly as I stood up from the bed. Searching for anything to give me a hint of who the man was next to me.

I glanced at the wall, seeing a photo frame of him with three other guys. The relief quickly rushed through me once more when I realised who it was in the bed next to me.

The man I had managed to fall in love with overnight. How it seemed possible still baffles me.

I crept towards the door and heard the groan of Cody behind me. I looked back and stood against the door frame.
"You're not leaving are you?"
"I was just looking for the bathroom."
"Ah it's just down the hall." He smiled causing my heart to thud again.

Now I realised why I liked him.
He was handsome, gentlemanly and as far as I can remember he was a great kisser. The thought made me blush as I ducked out of the room.

Codys POV

She only left to go to the bathroom yet the feeling of missing her hit me like a brick.

I sat up from my place, yawning as the warm sun heated my face. I heard the toilet flush and instantly awaited her return. The door creeked open revealing her once more, I smiled as she blushed, making her way back to the bed, sitting next to me.

"You know how I said I didn't want to be the next one night stand?" She began.
I nodded taking a hold of her hand.
"I think it was because I get too attached." She admitted "But I think this could be the start of something new."

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