chapter two

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As I walked down the long hallways, I saw Taehyung. He walked towards me. As he did ,he got pushed by one of the bully's. They go to punch him but, as they tried, I ran in front of him. Instead of him being the one who's injured by them, they hit me .I felt nothing,( as im used to it by now , they do it most days to me. i'm the most bullied person in this school). Where I try to protect everyone, that makes it worse .Most days it doesn't matter because ,I know they're just there to betray me and to just become a bully themselves. I know thet Taehyung would most probably do the same as they all did but, I felt like i'd be more hurt if Taehyung did it to me.

I don't know why though? He just seems.... different. It's an emotion I can't explain what i feel like but, I get this feeling whenever i'm around him .When he speaks to me, I feel tingly inside. When he comes near me, my heart beats faster. Why do i feel this way about.....him? Just why? Is this what love feels like? I want to know. I need to know. Why does my speech change when he's around? It becomes more loose I guess .

Taehyung came up to me and came close to my face and said "thank you for that. You didn't have to but are you alright?" I replied with "I-i'm fine. T-thank you for asking." He then spoke again "Would you like to hang out with me and my friends later?" I stuttered a bit saying "O-of course!" Before the sentence ended, I said in my head "oppa why am I so dumb? why the fuck did I call him oppa?" He smirked "okay jagi," He whispers the last part. My face started to feel hot. I think I'm blushing.......

I ran to the girl's toilets to wash my face. It looks normal again. Why did I blush? Is it because he called me jagi........I sighed. Why meeeeee? This is the first time my body has reacted to something like this. This first time someone has been like this to me. Why is he being like this towards me? Why not someone who is pretty? Why not one of the cool people? Why me? Then a girl came out of a toilet stall and said "sooooo you have a crush on Taehyungie oppa. Too bad because he is mine bitch!" I deny it by saying "WHY THE FUCKING HELL WOULD I HAVE A CRUSH ON TAEHYUNG BITCH?" she then pinned me to the wall and said "BACK OFF BITCH!" she then dropped me to the floor and walked off. As she walked off, she flipped her hair and said "That's one person dealt with. I have to look out for them other bitches who want to get him." I got my breath back and said: "HURT ME NOT THEM BITCH!" She replied with "But then those bitches won't learn their lessons, and we wouldn't want you to die now, would we? But I guess I don't care."

I don't understand why the fuck do they have to target me. I must protect everyone from that bossy bitch. She's quite the slut most of the time. If she bent over, you would be able to see her underwear. I never really liked that bitch. I think that she should really just grow up. I wished she would. I then got a text message from Taehyung which said...


I hope you liked this chapter btw NCT DREAM are now my ultimate biased group anyways this chapter was 600 words long baii

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