Chapter 01: Isolation

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They'd asked about freaking everything.

It had gone on for another solid week after they'd gotten back from their vacation. When it was over and they'd left, seemingly dissatisfied with what they'd gotten, Allan had recovered enough to leave with Callie. They'd had a going away party, and then they had left. Just like that, they were gone. During this time, Greg had ended up moving in with Vanessa and he'd also started seeing Amy Weller on the side after confirming that Vanessa didn't mind keeping the relationship open.

Apparently he had a thing for pilots.

This also helped him keep his sanity together because, for another solid two weeks, right after Allan and Callie had left, the missions had begun. All of them had been thrown into mission after mission for the government and the military. Greg was lucky because Hawkins was nice enough to pair him up with Vanessa each time as his pilot. Having a partner around seriously helped his misery. The missions had been becoming stressful.

They'd still been investigating the break-ins at the top secret research facilities, which he was becoming more and more convinced was an inside job. The security measures were apparently disabled remotely, all information from the security systems themselves was erased each time, and these attacks always coincided with some kind of convenient changing of the guard or weather-based interruption or power failure.

Greg realized he was getting closer to the here and now in his memories.

There had been other missions in between the investigations. He'd had to help investigate a mass disappearance at an isolated snowbound outpost, then help deal with some kind of outbreak of an alien virus, recover a piece of Cyr technology from a crashed vessel. Stuff like that. But...Greg stopped his investigation and sat down heavily on the bed. There was no way out of here, nothing he could work with at all.

But that last mission he'd gone on...

It had been weird. He was to be dropped off, alone, with no backup but Vanessa, who had to stay with the ship anyway. There had been a strange power signal discovered on an isolated, distant moon. He'd been asked to take some scanning equipment to a site on the moon and run some scans. However, hardly a minute after he'd left, Vanessa had called and told him she was being ordered back to the Dauntless, as another mission had come up and she was the nearest pilot. She'd sounded very unhappy about it, but orders were orders, and Hawkins had said they were scrambling another Spec Ops speedship to pick him up.

He'd walked through a mostly barren, rocky region of the moon.

He'd made his way down into a valley, where this signal was supposed to be.

Then he'd gone into a cave system and...

Someone had attacked him, he remembered slowly. Someone in a power suit that he hadn't been able to make out the details of. They'd hit him with a stun round and he'd been knocked out. And...that was the last thing he could remember.

He'd apparently been taken here.

But where the fuck was here?

So someone had captured him. The whole thing screamed set up. Combined with all the sudden interest from the government, Hawkins's assessment that someone had an ax to grind with Anomalous Operations, and how fucking weird everything had been recently...yeah, definitely some kind of inside job. But who? Who the hell wanted to capture him? He didn't know anyone inside the government beyond the people he worked with. He'd probably just gotten caught in the crossfire between Anomalous Ops and...someone else.

But who?

He kept coming back to that, but each time he did, he came up against the fact that he wasn't going to figure anything out locked in this damned cell. But what could he do to escape? Wait for someone to come open the door, to bring him food maybe, or to come take him somewhere. He'd certainly had to put up with this before, although the last time he'd been locked up like this, he at least had more to work with.

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